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Better Service Management with Artificial Intelligence


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Better Service Management with Artificial Intelligence
* AI in service Management
* TOPdesk and AI

Arvind Ganga

Published in: Business
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Better Service Management with Artificial Intelligence

  1. 1. Better Service Management with Artificial Intelligence Arvind Ganga
  2. 2. Contents AI: what are we talking about? AI in Service Management TOPdesk and AI
  3. 3. AI is not new 1950s: Robot arm 1960s: first chatbot 1980s: computers generating art 1990s: computer beats chess masters
  4. 4. Machine Learning • Current technology that drives AI • Computer learns from examples • Requires sufficient examples • Computer does not actually become intelligent, but effectively learns how to perform a narrowly defined specific task
  5. 5. For example: to distintuish dogs from muffins, give many examples of dogs and muffins
  6. 6. Or parrots and guacamole Puppies and fried chicken
  7. 7. Or sheep dogs and mops
  8. 8. Machine Learning never stops learning. Every time you use it and give it feedback, it will improve.
  9. 9. Three important applications of machine learning • Classification / categorization • Natural Language Processing • Recognizing trends, and recognizing whether a pattern fits a trend
  10. 10. AI is already all around us. We all use it on a daily basis, whether we realize it or not
  11. 11. Examples of common AI • Recommendation systems give you recommendations based on your personal preference • Spam filtering • Facebook brings you news based on what you, and your friends, like • Google Maps not only routes you efficiently to your destination, it also gives notifications about traffic jams, road blocks, etc
  12. 12. AI becoming standard • AI helps people be more effective • People use AI in their daily lives • They experience the value, and get used to it • They will start expecting AI in their software at work
  13. 13. AI helps people be more efficient • AI takes repetitive tasks out of the hands of humans • It does these small tasks better than humans • It supports humans by giving suggestions and notifications • Humans get more effective by using AI • Because of AI, humans can focus on creative and social aspects of their work
  14. 14. What have we learned? AI is about machine learning AI is about helping people AI relies on sufficient examples Users expect AI in their office software
  15. 15. Contents AI: what are we talking about? AI in Service Management TOPdesk and AI
  16. 16. Three roles in Service Desk End user Operator Manager
  17. 17. End user AI helps end user to help herself: • Unlock knowledge base because AI better understands user questions • Offer help 24-7
  18. 18. Operator • AI takes over difficult and error-prone registration: categorization, routing, impact analysis, linking SLA • AI selects most important call to work on using predictions based on historical knowledge and language analysis • AI facilitates solving calls by suggesting solutions
  19. 19. Manager • AI alerts on anomalies: unexpected call volume, many calls about one topic, or from one department/branch • AI suggests planning based on predicted and actual call volumes and categories • AI identifies training opportunities to help your employees to grow further
  20. 20. Next Level Service Management AI lets you bring Service Management to the next level: • End users can help themselves better and around the clock • Registration, selecting calls, and solving calls becomes easier for operators • Managers are alerted on anomalies, and have skilled people working where they are needed most
  21. 21. Contents AI: what are we talking about? AI in Service Management TOPdesk and AI
  22. 22. Agile introduction of AI in TOPdesk • AI has many unknowns: technically, functionally, adoption by users, … • TOPdesk introduces AI in small steps, in different modules, SSP or secure, Labs, Marketplace • Listen to feedback and proceed accordingly
  23. 23. Our first AI solution categorizes incidents based on request and brief description. This comes available to everyone soon
  24. 24. Our Worcade platform just introduced a chat bot that gives an interactive tutorial to new users. This is a first step in using chat bots.
  25. 25. To facilitate prioritization, we are investigating how to use the data in the audit trail to predict which incidents won’t meet the required resolution time, or switch operator repetitively.
  26. 26. We are investigating whether AI can detect sentiment/emotion at customer contact, and use that for prioritization
  27. 27. Chat bots are a hot topic, but the exact use case differs per customer. We are investigating if and how we can deploy chat bots as a standard solution
  28. 28. Current solutions and ideas are based on data of single customer. This has drawbacks: new customers may not have sufficient data to get started, or there may not be enough data to learn all tasks
  29. 29. SaaS customers can benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience. We will investigate how to use this data effectively. Our first priority is the privacy and security of our customers’ data.
  30. 30. What will TOPdesk do? Already building solutions Researching new functionality In product, labs, and marketplace Expect AI features in the coming year!
  31. 31. #ToT18#ToT18 Thank you! Arvind Ganga