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AI and the value of people


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What will AI bring us - what is the value of people? presented by Robert van der Gulik

Published in: Technology
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AI and the value of people

  1. 1. TOPdesk on Tour TOPdesk on Tour AI and the value of people
  2. 2. TOPdesk on Tour Robert van der Gulik
  3. 3. TOPdesk on Tour 1. 2.
  4. 4. TOPdesk on Tour Shift Left End users Service desk Experts Costs Average ticket duration
  5. 5. TOPdesk on Tour TOPdesk on Tour Artificial Intelligence
  6. 6. TOPdesk on Tour Is it a Dog or a Muffin?
  7. 7. TOPdesk on Tour
  8. 8. TOPdesk on Tour Classification of data
  9. 9. TOPdesk on Tour Anomalies
  10. 10. What will AI bring us • 1. Making people more self-reliant • 2. Emphasising the human tasks; enabling human talents • 3. Reducing duration time • 4. Reducing costs
  11. 11. TOPdesk on Tour
  12. 12. TOPdesk on Tour Support departments in general • Most Support departments spend their time in reactive situations rather than engaging in proactive activities • There are selective instances in which automation is being utilized, if any at all • There is an unaddressed fear of automating jobs away
  13. 13. TOPdesk on Tour Level 1: Cost-center Level 2: Controlled Service Delivery Level 4: Business Alignment Level 5: Business Partner Level 3: Customer- centric Mindset Business Focus Cost-driven Value-driven InternalExternal Service Excellence Maturity Model
  14. 14. The Role of AI • Processing large amounts of sample data to predict trends and detecting anomalies • Carrying out repetitive tasks • Getting information to Users and solving problems quickly using Chat – virtual agent
  15. 15. Emphasizing the Human Tasks Use AI to resolve repetitive tasks so that staff can focus on: • Getting additional training and picking up new skills • Providing a better customer experience
  16. 16. TOPdesk on Tour Artificial IntelligenceAugmented Intelligence
  17. 17. AI on the TOPdesk Roadmap • Several of these projects are actively under development • Some are planned • Some are ideas
  18. 18. Suggesting Knowledge Items for Technicians
  19. 19. Suggesting Knowledge Items for Customers
  20. 20. Expectation management - transparancy
  21. 21. Incident Affiliation: Identifying Problems and Outages
  22. 22. Automatic Ticket Redistribution
  23. 23. Automatic Translation of Knowledge
  24. 24. Chatbots & Virtual Assistents
  25. 25. Virtual Assistants Update
  26. 26. AI Toolbox 1. Understand natural language 2. Recognize similarities 3. Classify entities 4. Detect anomalies 5. Recognize trends 6. Personalize recommendations
  27. 27. End users Service desk Experts Shift Left Costs Average ticket duration AI Suggestions Automate routing Automate improving Prevent Self-Diagnose
  28. 28. Agenda A coffee break till 10.30
  29. 29. TOPdesk on Tour TOPdesk on Tour Thank you for attending View this presentation online