Profile Of Tog Orthotics International Ltd


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This short presentation contains an up to date profile on TOG Orthotics International, based in Ennis Co. Clare.

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Profile Of Tog Orthotics International Ltd

  1. 1. TOG Orthotics. World Leaders in Orthotic therapy.
  2. 2. TOG Orthotics Profile.  Founder and CEO Dr. Travis Mc Donough started the business in 2003 as a sole trader. Today TOG Orthotics are Europe’s largest supplier of custom made orthotics with offices in Ireland (European Head. Office.), London, Denmark servicing the territories of Ireland, The U.K., Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland & The Netherlands. We were finalists in The prestigious Ulster Bank Business Achievers Awards in 2008.  Turnover is in excess of EURO €4M and 60% of sales are exported. TOG continues to invest heavily in our staff, R&D and technology to achieve greater efficiencies, better support our customer base and to achieve our long term goals. Our customer service and Medical support are second to none and we continually set the benchmark in orthotic therapy. Our TOG orthotics are guaranteed for life and are synonymous with quality. TOG Orthotics transcends countries, boundaries, medical disciplines, cultures to offer our valued customers the best orthotic solution first time every time.
  3. 3. Meet the Team…..  Dr. Paul Barrett – BMedSci Podiatry, PHD in Biomechanics – Clinical Director.  Michael Crowley - FCCA – Managing Director.  Eilish McMahon – Office Manager.  Eilish Fahy – Customer Support and Irish Sales Manager.  Kylie O’Halloran – Shipping Manager.  Tom Burke – Company Accountant.  Fiona Kelly – Credit Controller.  Cliona O’Donoghue - Sales & Marketing Manager.  Caspar Frausting Danish TOG Consultant.  Espen Kolderup Norwegian TOG Consultant.  Dr Heather Thompson UK TOG Consultant  Dr. Kendall Chorostecki Irish TOG Consultant.  Gregers Ahlefeldt Swedish TOG Consultant.
  4. 4. Future proof your business with TOG orthotics. The Average Person will......  Take 12 – 15,000 steps per day.  Put 500,000 Kg pressure per day through their feet.  Walk 4 times around the world in their lifetime.  83% of the population will suffer from acute episode of foot and foot related pain in their lifetime.  UK – 60 million population – .02 -.05% of the population currently wear orthotics. In Canada 25% of the population wear orthotics!  Orthotic therapy is very rewarding in so many ways.  The best solution for your patients every time.  Canadian studies have shown patients who wear custom made orthotics suffer lower incidents of knee and /or hip replacement than patients who do not wear custom made orthotics!
  5. 5. TOG GaitScan
  6. 6. TOG Gaitscan.  4096 Sensors.  300 Hz / second scanning speed.  No cost print out reports.  Comparison screens.  Tangible objective data.  Diagnostic information.  Patient Education tool.  This allows us to capture very valuable and clinically relevant biomechanical information.  From the Gaitscan images we can then prescribe an incredibly accurate and detailed orthotic prescription.
  7. 7. Static & Dynamic Evaluation of Foot Function.
  8. 8. Objective and Tangible. User Friendly + patient friendly.
  9. 9. Easy to read reports.
  10. 10. TOG Orthotics.  100% Memory Thermoplast.  Patient satisfaction.  Guaranteed for life against cracking.  Extensive product range.  Any modification possible.  Anti fungal/bacterial.  Improve proprioception.  Orthotics control the rate and speed of foot pronation while at the same time rehabilitate the intrinsic muscles of the foot.
  11. 11. Partner With TOG Orthotics. 25 years experience prescribing orthotics at your service! Thank you!