UT Sunshot – Overview of Rooftop Solar Application


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UT Sunshot – Overview of Rooftop Solar Application

  1. 1. The Rooftop Solar Smartphone App The University of Tennessee is developing an industry first mobile application to help grow the Solar Economy across the Tennessee Valley. SolarEconomy Tools to minimize consumer uncertainty and encourage Solar Adoption by connecting to professionals in Solar Service organizations. SolarEducation Consumer grade education and awareness building so property owners will understand the Solar Energy generation process. SolarInteraction Stakeholder Engagement to gauge public opinion and understand market barriers to support an informed Solar Energy community.
  2. 2. The Rooftop Solar Smartphone App The University of Tennessee is developing an industry first mobile application to help grow the Solar Economy across the Tennessee Valley.
  3. 3. Why A Rooftop Solar App? Since the SunShot Goals are to… • Improve market conditions for Rooftop Solar • Streamline and standardize permitting processes • Reduce market barriers to increase Solar adoption • Encourage partnerships of local governments, utilities, and organizations • Facilitate participation by diverse entities We envisioned a Rooftop Solar App that would… • Be a dependable source of Solar information for the Tennessee Valley • Echo policies of local governments, planning agencies, HOAs • Offer local permitting processes provided based on user GPS • Act as a directory of consumer-oriented Solar service providers • Refer to certified installers, realtors, lenders and other Solar professionals • Create a place for community interest organizations to share messages • Facilitate public and stakeholder participation with social media
  4. 4. 51.7% 38.9% 3.2%6.2% Android Apple Windows All Others People in the US owned a smartphone (42%) 133.7 Million 57 Percent Of owners from all other types of phones converted to smartphones 8 Percent 74 Percent Of smartphone users have contacted a business they found with their phone The Move To Mobile In February 2013 Of all mobile phones were smartphones 24 / 7 Unlike a desktop PC environment, people are near their smartphone almost the entire day, many sleeping within arm’s reach of their device. Mobile Operating Systems Used in the US comScore April 4, 2013
  5. 5. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 PCs Smartphones Tablets 2012 Q4 2013 Q1 It’s Not Only Smartphones Percent of US homes with one or more… comScore April 4, 2013 The Rooftop Solar App will be available on the two most popular operating systems for smartphones and tablets.
  6. 6. Engage All Solar Stakeholders The app will attempt to bring together consumers and solar industry professionals in a way to improve the Solar Economy in the Tennessee Valley. The Rooftop Solar App will serve three main areas: An educational tool that property owners can use to make informed decisions as they learn more about Rooftop Solar. Clarifies Solar permitting, installation, and generation processes with insights into the functions of Solar service providers, local government agencies, and utilities. SolarEducation Engage consumers and all solar stakeholders in dialogue of topical Rooftop Solar issues, barriers and best practices. Through extended public interaction the app will serve as a dynamic research tool that will better inform solar policy to reduce barriers to Solar Adoption. SolarInteraction Connect consumers and solar industry professionals in a way to encourage growth in the Solar Economy. Encourage consumers to adopt Solar by facilitating an entry point with certified Solar installers, realtors, lenders, and local government agencies. SolarEconomy
  7. 7. Solar 101 • Explains how Solar Energy is captured and converted to electricity – an introduction of Photovoltaic processes • Illustrates hardware components that will be installed on the property – meters, panels, wiring, meters, and safety features • Introduces different kinds of solar panels, mounting styles, tiles, esthetic options available on the market SolarEducation
  8. 8. Local Processes • Provides unique zoning and permitting information relevant to the app user’s location • Raises awareness of requirements and property owner responsibilities • Raises due diligence issues concerning Home Owners Associations, Historic Structures, and any local zoning ordinances or districts • Overviews the contractual relationship with TVA and the local utility SolarEducation
  9. 9. 10 Step Checklist • Explains solar permitting and interconnection processes for installs 10kw and under • Helps property owners determine if their property is a good candidate for rooftop solar • Provides property owners contact information for certified local installers, lending institutions, realtors, and other Solar professionals • Assists property owners as they plan and track progress with in-app note-taking SolarEducation
  10. 10. Solar Sizing • Features a Solar Sizing tool to help estimate a suitable array based on energy consumption • Assists property owner on suitability of roof and considerations of future energy needs • Links to TVA’s solar calculator, NREL’s PVWatts Calculator, and NREL’s In My Backyard tool. • Together, these tools help estimate system costs and aligns property owners expectations with energy offset programs and payback SolarEducation APP INPUT WANTED How can this App better educate the public about Solar?
  11. 11. Provide Information on Financing • Helps give overview of how to estimate costs and payback • Promotes awareness of lending institutions favorable toward solar • Informs consumers about current financial incentives • Introduces alternative financing options like community solar, revolving loan funds, Mosaic, others SolarEconomy APP INPUT WANTED How can this app function better support the Solar economy in the Tennessee Valley?
  12. 12. Solar Service Professionals • Sortable list of statewide Solar installers, by name, city, miles away, service territory • Inform consumers the levels of certification for electrical contractors who service PV • Identifies Solar Installers on a map, tap for more information, link to contact information • While in the field, Solar Installers can use app to identify jurisdiction serving property owners for zoning and permitting information SolarEconomy APP INPUT WANTED How can this app better support Solar professionals serving the Tennessee Valley?
  13. 13. Realtors Specializing in Solar • Insights into selecting Real Estate professionals and appraisers with special credentials in dealing with Solar properties • Refers to real estate professionals who help Solar home owners sell existing properties, and helps home buyers find a Solar property • Links to websites of the Tennessee Real Estate Commission, the National Associate of Realtors, and EcoBroker International SolarEconomy APP INPUT WANTED How can this app better support Real Estate Professionals in the Tennessee Valley?
  14. 14. Frequently Asked Questions • Features a list of question generated from SunShot Phase I utilities and municipalities • Starting questions in FAQ are the most asked to the local governments and utilities serving Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, and Franklin • The FAQ will be updated over time as question are received SolarEconomy APP INPUT WANTED How can this app better support the Solar Economy of the Tennessee Valley?
  15. 15. Social Media • Integrates existing UT SunShot Facebook, Twitter, and Google Groups for current news and dialogue • Provides opportunities to voice opinions, ask questions, reactions to installation process, and share satisfaction levels of Solar generation • Provide an opportunity for Solar experts to interact with the public and offer advice and discussion input in a public forum • Provide all stakeholders the opportunity to improve the Solar process SolarInteraction APP INPUT WANTED How can the app best engage the public in dialogue about Solar?
  16. 16. Solar Community Support • Promote community organizations active in encouraging solar energy generation • Promote industry and trade organizations in the Tennessee Valley and around the nation • Identify local property owners willing to share experiences and photos of their Solar installation • Draw attention to local nonprofits or Solar companies with onsite Solar operations that offer tours or workshops • Need more entities throughout the region SolarInteraction APP INPUT WANTED How can this app best involve Solar organizations in the Tennessee Valley?
  17. 17. Surveys and Polls • Gauge public opinion on topical issues • Survey Solar customers as they transition from information gathering, to installation, through operation • Identify market barriers and obstacles that keep consumers from taking the next step • Work with jurisdictions to address solar policy or local market weaknesses that may deter solar adoption SolarInteraction APP INPUT WANTED What Rooftop Solar questions would you like to ask the public through the app?
  18. 18. Improve Solar Policies • Identify communities where there is Solar demand, yet where solar processes and policies may be lacking • Provide relevant survey feedback to jurisdictions that can inform Solar policy or improve market weaknesses that may deter solar adoption • Become a valuable resource for promoting Solar adoption, informing public policy, and shaping positive Solar attitudes and perceptions SolarInteraction APP INPUT WANTED What Rooftop Solar questions would you like to ask the public through the app?
  19. 19.  Beta test period has ended with public release process underway.  Next app edits and improvements will occur after public release.  App content can be updated as often of needed, so feel free to offer specific content like events and workshops, and any other ideas to help grow the app.  You are the Solar Experts, help this tool become as beneficial as possible for yourself and all Solar stakeholders in the Tennessee Valley. Suggest content, promote local news, developments, opportunities. App Development Timeline Contact Us Baker Center for Public Policy, Knoxville, TN 37918 / 865-974-4562 / eogle@tennessee.edu APP INPUT WANTED Please consider reviewing the app and providing any feedback! SolarEconomySolarEducation SolarInteraction
  20. 20. STAY IN TOUCH UT – SunShot Online Eric Ogle Address: Baker Center for Public Policy 1640 Cumberland Avenue Knoxville, Tennessee 37996 Phone: 865 - 974 - 4562 Email: eogle@tennessee.edu f facebook.com/RooftopSolarTN t twitter.com/RooftopSolarTN sites.google.com/site/SunShotTN Share your Solar thoughts and experiences with the Tennessee Valley community as together we work for a Solar-powered future. Participate with the SunShot Rooftop Solar effort across several social media platforms. SolarEconomySolarEducation SolarInteraction