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Japanese input environment on Tizen 2.0 Alpha


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Japanese input environment on Tizen 2.0 Alpha

  1. 1. Japanese Input Environmenton Tizen 2.0 AlphaNaruto TAKAHASHI( Systems Co, Ltd.Super Study Meeting at end of 2012 in Japan
  2. 2. Who’s Guy?Naruto TAKAHASHI(@TNaruto) • Mail: • Blog: • Company: Turbo Systems Co, Ltd.Interesting Keyboards • EFL(Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) • Tizen • WebKit
  3. 3. Background Concept of this presentation
  4. 4. Tizen 2.0 Alpha not support Japanese Input.
  5. 5. What does ISF support on Tizen 2.0 Alpha? Full Hardware and Virtual kbd Support English, Latin… “Tizen Keyboard” default vkbd supports 1byte languages. Half Hardware kbd only Support Hangle(Korean) Japanese not supported at the moment. X-(
  6. 6. I must support Japanese input env by myself
  7. 7. Glossary Input Service Framework ISF Base on scim 1.4.7 Framework core is same as scim. Input Service Engine ISE Scim modules Helper IMEngine IMModule
  8. 8. Agenda About scim Port anthy to Tizen Install anthy to Tizen Future of Japanese input Environment
  9. 9. Smart Common InputAbout scim Method
  10. 10. What’s scim? Smart Common Input MethodSCIM Implementation of Input Method Framework LinuxSupportsOS Other Unix *BSD POSIX-style OS IMM(Input Method Manager) of WindowsAnother "Input Method" of MacOSOS’s IMF “XIM(X Input Method)” of Xorg
  11. 11. What’s scim?(cont) Languages CJK Chinese, Japanese and Korean European languages License GPL Prog Langs C++ C(a little)
  12. 12. Another implementations of IMF ibus ibus is adopted by famous distribution such as Fedora, Ubuntu, openSuSE. uim uim uses scheme language as Internal Programming Language. maliit maliit is used by MeeGo. iiimf iiimf used by ATOK for Linux and Wnn8 for Linux/BSD.
  13. 13. Features of scimFully Object Oriented structure written in C++.Highly modularized.Very flexible architecture, can be used as a dynamically loaded library as well as a C/S input method environment.Simple programming interface.Fully i18n support with UCS-4/UTF-8 encoding.Include many handy utility functions to speedup the development.GUI Panel with very rich features.Unified configuration framework.
  14. 14. Goals of scim an unified frontend for current available input method libraries. Act a language engine of IIIMF input method framework many native IMEngines Provide many input method protocol/interface Support many operating systems
  15. 15. History of scim Scim author is James Su when he‘s been in TurboLinux China TurboLinux didnt adopt scim. due to supporting ATOK for Linux. ATOK uses iiimf. He quited and went to google china.
  16. 16. Kind of scim modules Execs virtual kbd and give user accessibility Helper Imple example: Input-panel, Tizen Keyboard Bridges graphic library IMFramework IMModule Imple example: EFL-immodule, gtk-immodule, qt-immodule Bridges conversion engine’s server and library. IMEngine Imple example: Anthy, Hangle, Pinyin… Other utility modules Etc, etc Imple example: SetupUI, tool-bar, Candidate lists window
  17. 17. Port anthy to How to cross compile forTizen Tizen
  18. 18. How to build packages for Tizen platforms. Tizen Dev Phone ARM Targets Tizen Emulator i586 Tizen IVI Ubuntu Host OpenSuSE Cross compile tool GBS Tools Remote build system OBS
  19. 19. What’s GBS? Git Build System Builds Source of git repository GBS Cross toolchains env Multistrap of Debian chroot Inspired qemu-emulator Easily Not need to setup cross Useful toolchains env myself
  20. 20. How to use gbs command?gbs build local build package RPMgbs chroot chroot to build rootMore commandinfomation “gbs help”
  21. 21. Make RPM spec file for “gbs build” RPM “gbs build” uses RPM spec file for build source. “gbs build” references ${PKG_SRC}/packages/*.spec at build. RPM US/Fedora_Draft_Documentation/0.1/html/RPM_Guide/index.html Document
  22. 22. Install anthy How to install anthy to Tizento Tizen
  23. 23. How to install anthy RPM packages to TizenPlatforms?Tizen Dev Phone Tizen Emulator Install font includes Japanese Glyphs. Install font includes Japanes Glyphs(you can skip it) Install anthy packages for ARM via sdb Install anthy packages for i586 via sdb Anthy Ise-engine-anthy Anthy Ise-engine-anthy Connect USB Keyboard Tizen Emulator uses Host Keybaord as USB Keyboard
  24. 24. How to install anthy RPM packages to TizenPlatforms?(cont) Execute Settings of Tizen App. Select item, "Keyboard". Tap "Select keyboard" on "Hardware keyboard“ select “Anthy” item.
  25. 25. Inputting Demonstration!
  26. 26. Whats able to do at the moment? Whats Supports only hardware kbd able to Not support virtual kbd do? Detail of RPM packages of Japanese input environment for Tizen 2.0 Alpha this stuff
  27. 27. Future ofJapaneseinput TAIYAKI projectEnvironmenton Tizen
  28. 28. TAIYAKI Project is started What’s “TAIYAKI”? • Tizen Advanced Inspiring Yet Another Keyboard Interface. What’s “Taiyaki”? • Taiyaki Is a Japanese fish-shaped cake. • Taiyaki detail:
  29. 29. She is not a person involved.
  30. 30. Features of TAIYAKI Virtual kbd for ISF • Toggle 9 keypad • Flick Full keyboard
  31. 31. Conclusion
  32. 32. Let’s start TAIYAKI together!!!
  33. 33. Oh…
  34. 34. Any questions?
  35. 35. Thanks to listen my presentation!