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Culture shock study abroad predeparture training

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Culture shock study abroad predeparture training

  1. 1. CultureShock: MaximizingStudy AbroadTNT Development© 2011
  2. 2. Ignite emotions and creativityHave fun and experimentShare experiencesAssess your readinessPrepare
  3. 3. What do you want to learn fromthis session today?How much or what type ofinternational experience do youhave?What specific questions wouldyou like to explore?
  4. 4. Give up or lose?
  5. 5. Adapt orChange?
  6. 6. Differences exist,even though wedon’t always knowwhat they are, weexperience them.
  7. 7. Making the effort to changeand adapt our behaviorcreates different feelingsranging from excitementand creativity to frustrationand exhaustion
  8. 8. What can you do to adapt andadjust when you are abroad? Isbeing yourself a successfulstrategy?How do you think you’ll managethe cultural differences andadjusting your behavior?
  9. 9. Culture Shock
  10. 10. Daily dilemmasStress of the unfamiliar Difficulty letting go of old ways Old behaviors do not produce same results Excitement and anxiety Stereotyped or Judged New relationships
  11. 11. common real minimize the effects recognize its signstension, stress, anxiety and illness
  12. 12. FLIGHT!FIGHT!
  13. 13. Open-minded and curiositySense of humorCommunicationFlexibility and adaptabilityPositive and realistic expectationsTolerance for difference and ambiguityPositive attitudeSelf awareness and confidenceCultural knowledge
  14. 14. What experiences do youwant to have while you areabroad?What can you do toincrease the chances ofthem happening?
  15. 15. Stay connected, create a photoalbum, post updates, get support, askfor tips and adviceLet friends and family follow you:monuments, museums, restaurants,and eventsVideo journal, capture specialmoments, share lessons and culturaltipsBlog: share stories, report currentevents, photo journal
  16. 16. What do you know now that you wish you new before you went abroad?What was your biggest cultural mishap?Did you experience culture shock? How did you know? And what did you do?Share any important culture specific behaviors that will help students “fit in” and adapt?

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