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Culture shock and awe

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Culture shock and awe

  1. 1. Culture Shock& Awe:Understanding Fear and Resiliency in Intercultural Competency TNT Development© 2011
  2. 2. Awareness Physiological Impact Culture Shock Psychological Impact AdjustmentFears and Threats Resilience Increase Effectiveness BestStrategic Solutions Practices
  3. 3. When you think about your experiencesliving or traveling in a different culture, whatdo you think might be taken away, givenup or lost?What do you think we will be added?
  4. 4. How does this relate to your experiencesabroad when you have had to adapt yourbehavior or make a lot changes quickly orover an extended period?
  5. 5. “People are different around the world.Their needs, however, are the same. Howthey satisfy their needs is different, and thatis what we mean by CULTURE.” Jack Condon
  6. 6. “Culture is …the learned and shared values, beliefs, and behaviors of a group of interacting people.”
  7. 7. Honeymoon Adjust and Adapt Adjustment Recovery Recovery Crisis Crisis
  8. 8. Daily dilemmasStress of the unfamiliar Difficulty letting go of old ways Old behaviors do not produce same results Excitement and anxiety combined Being stereotyped or judged New relationships
  9. 9. It is commonAccept that it is a real problemThere are ways to minimize the effects Learn to recognize its signsUnderstand it can result in serious reactions to continuing tension; anxiety; possible severe physical/mental manifestations)
  10. 10. FLIGHT!FIGHT!
  11. 11. Stimulus Physiological arousalFight or Adrenaline Flight Amygdala Production, Freeze ActivationResponse Executive Function inhibition
  12. 12. Awareness of physiological self Owning responseIdentifying/analyzing origin of threat Amygdala management Restore executive functioning Increase resilience, learn to cope and adapt Reframe experience
  13. 13. High Partner Attractiveness Integration AssimilationHigh Cultural Low CulturalPreservation Preservation Separation Marginalization Low Partner Attractiveness
  14. 14. Open-minded Sense of humor Ability to cope with failure Communicativeness Flexibility and adaptability Curiosity Positive and realistic expectations Tolerance for difference and ambiguity Positive regard for others A strong sense of selfCultural knowledge
  15. 15. How can your institution support yourinternational learners?What kind of support can you offer?What do you need to do to ensureyour institution is equipped to providethem?