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The Commitment Economy


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The Commitment Economy

  1. 1. Every year brands leavebillions of dollarson the table in lost opportunity© 2012 TNS, a Kantar Group Company. All rights reserved. Follow us on The Commitment Economy
  2. 2. Every year brands leave billions of dollars The growth opportunities above are some of theon the table in lost opportunity. insights from the Commitment Economy, a global $555m study from TNS. The Commitment Economy uses Growth opportunityThis failure to realise their full sales potential is ConversionModel to explore brand and categoryoften driven by market factors such as brand for cider in France dynamics in different categories across 17 markets,availability or price, which can prevent consumers based on conversations with over 39,000 people.from accessing their preferred brands. It may also It provides deep insights into emotional engagement, $38bbe a function of brand messaging failing to create commitment to brands and the real drivers of At risk for cardstrong brand preference. brand choice, identifying where the biggest growth companies in TurkeyIn China challenger brand Maxwell House has the opportunities lie for brands and how to exploit theseopportunity to grow their share of the instant coffee opportunities. It explores how to gain share of mind and market to build enduring customer relationships $25mmarket by up to $25 million mostly through in-store Growth opportunityvisibility and changes to pack format. In France the and win the brand share battle. for Maxwell House in Chinacider market represents a $555 million growth How many dollars are you leaving on the table?opportunity by increasing cider consumption amongstfemales and strong messaging about socialising after Contact us at $7mwork. And in Nigeria, laundry detergent brands Ariel or Growth opportunity for headache commitment@tnsglobal.comOmo can gain up to $15 million by taking on Chinese remedies in the Netherlandsbrand So Klin.In today’s dynamic marketing environment, realising Click on the links on the right to see some of the $15ma brand’s full potential is harder than ever. A deep insights from The Commitment Economy. Opportunity in Nigeriaunderstanding of customer and market dynamics is for laundry detergent brandsneeded to understand the unexpected patterns ofspending, the hidden influences of buying behaviourand the underlying factors that cause people to move $3.4m On the table for Dark andfrom brand to brand. Only then can you identify Lovely shampoo in South Africaprecisely where a brand’s growth opportunities lie –and how to unlock these opportunities.© 2012 TNS, a Kantar Group Company. All rights reserved. Follow us on The Commitment Economy