The Right Choice for Chicago Real Estate


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Tom McCarey has assisted buyers and sellers in the Chicago and North Shore real estate market since 2002. His many clients praise his efforts, saying he knows the market better and is best equipped to handle their needs. When you are buying or selling, turn to Tom McCarey and make the right choice.

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The Right Choice for Chicago Real Estate

  1. 1. the right choice Welcome to Chicago! Whether you already live here or are arriving from near or far, make sure to make the right choice when buying or selling your home in Chicago. And that choice is Tom McCarey.Licensed to Sell Real Estate in IL . @properties . 773.848.9241 .
  2. 2. the best choice Maybe you think finding your new home or meeting the buyer for the home you are selling is fate. There’s a chance that it is. But as you wait for your fate to manifest, wouldn’t you prefer a smart and dedicated real estate advocate controlling what should not be left to chance? That’s just what Tom does.Licensed to Sell Real Estate in IL . @properties . 773.848.9241 .
  3. 3. the true choice With expertise grounded in experience and an intuitive knowledge of the Chicago real estate market, Tom separates himself from other brokers. Witness this differentiation in annual top echelon awards Tom has received since 2002 from the Chicago Association of Realtors. More important, though, are his relationships with his many clients which are rooted in deep, substantial and lasting trust.Licensed to Sell Real Estate in IL . @properties . 773.848.9241 .
  4. 4. the smart choice For 10 years Tom has met his clients in one of three ways: open houses, referrals and online And no matter how they have met the one trait unifying all of Tom’s clients is they trust him with their biggest economic decisions. Why this faith in Tom? Because he’s smart and he will give you blunt advice based on unparalleled market knowledge. There’s simply no one better at helping you deal with the contours of today’s real estate market. And when it is time to negotiate, you will get the soundest and most advantageous deals possible. Bottom line, when it is time to buy or sell in Chicago or the North Shore, it’s time for Tom.Licensed to Sell Real Estate in IL . @properties . 773.848.9241 .
  5. 5. first step, photographs Pictures comprise a most important part of what we do and how we do it. Why? Eight in ten consumers commence and continue their home searches online. It stands to reason that we be online with pictures that tell a compelling story of your home. We work exclusively with VHT for professional photographs. And that is exactly what we do.Licensed to Sell Real Estate in IL . @properties . 773.848.9241 .
  6. 6. pictures/syndication With photos in hand we commence aggressive marketing. We use traditional print marketing and make great and effective use of online marketing to aim high (and score) on google. For instance, the search term “chicago east village home for sale” scores multiple google page one placements!Licensed to Sell Real Estate in IL . @properties . 773.848.9241 .
  7. 7. syndication? For starters there’s our preferred status at and, the two sites most visited by online lookers in Chicago. Among other sites are postlets and craigslist, a critical online check-in point for any number of Chicago home seekers. These components add up to the visibility of your home to the online consumer.Licensed to Sell Real Estate in IL . @properties . 773.848.9241 .
  8. 8. what’s more... Your home appears online at every participating brokerage’s website. Of course this includes and every place else you can imagine that serves the Chicago real estate market (like zillow and trulia, redfin, movoto and estately).Licensed to Sell Real Estate in IL . @properties . 773.848.9241 .
  9. 9. and then your website As important as syndicating the listing is presenting it in its own website. Specific to the property, with attractive photographs, compelling and descriptive text and fully search optimized, the website is cross-referenced in all online and print marketing.Licensed to Sell Real Estate in IL . @properties . 773.848.9241 .
  10. 10. geo-tagged pixAnother important use ofphotographs are geo-taggingonline Picasa and Flickralbums.Search engine optimized,the photos are searchableand visible online.And by placing a picasa rssfeed at the blog we boost theoverall google placement ofthe real estate loungechicago.Licensed to Sell Real Estate in IL . @properties . 773.848.9241 .
  11. 11. finding/using new technology We constantly seek out new methods to better serve our clients. One such technology that enhances our online muscle is creating presentations and sharing them via SlideShare and Scribd. They not only look great, but they gain enormous traction with search engines.Licensed to Sell Real Estate in IL . @properties . 773.848.9241 .
  12. 12. the real estate loungeNamed by zillow one ofChicago’s top real estateblogs, our organicallygrown blog allows us topack a marketing punch inin a single source setting.We feature listings inposts with photos and textthat emphasizes searchengine optimized terms.It’s a nice and tasteful wayto achieve the goal ofonline visibility.Licensed to Sell Real Estate in IL . @properties . 773.848.9241 .
  13. 13. a reliable choice isjust greatThe Real EstateLounge Chicago ispart of @properties,Chicago’s number onereal estate brokerage.This means yourlisting has moremuscle behind it thanany where else in thecity.Period.Licensed to Sell Real Estate in IL . @properties . 773.848.9241 .
  14. 14. make your choice forchicago real estateWhen you are ready to make your movein Chicago or the North Shore, makeTom McCarey your choice.An award-winning residential brokersince 2002, Tom will provide you notonly with your most satisfying real estatetransaction.How he does what he does is singular,nobody else is doing it. So are you ready?Call 773.848.9241.Or email to Sell Real Estate in IL . @properties . 773.848.9241 .