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Mitch Aronson . How a Chicago Real Estate Professional Markets your Chicago Home or Condo


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Mitch Aronson joined the team at The Real Estate Lounge Chicago nearly two years ago. With more than a decade of experience helping clients buy and sell their Chicago homes and condos, Mitch brings to the table a wealth of experience to ensure your full satisfaction. He also brings to the table one of the strongest real estate marketing strategies in the Chicago market. Thinking about buying or selling real estate in Chicago? Call Mitch at 773.405.6600.

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Mitch Aronson . How a Chicago Real Estate Professional Markets your Chicago Home or Condo

  1. 1. we believe... pictures constitute a most important part of what we do (and how we do it) at The Real Estate Lounge Chicago (affiliated with @properties)
  2. 2. we know... eight in ten consumers commence and continue their home searches online. It stands to reason that we very much be online. and that is exactly where we are.
  3. 3. we do... provide you with the most expert advice and the most extensive matrix of services to ensure your complete satisfaction. See for yourself. And always feel free to email us.
  4. 4. first thing... photographs Professional photos set the tone, informing what and how we communicate with the person who will buy your home. We work exclusively with the team at VHT to create our professional pictures.
  5. 5. followed by... syndication With photos in hand we set about telling the world. We use traditional print marketing but also use online marketing to aim high (and score) on google. For instance, the search term “chicago east village home for sale” we occupy HALF of the top ten slots on google page one.
  6. 6. syndication? for starters there’s postlets, kijiji, olx, trulia, and These components add up to the “findability” of your home to the online consumer.
  7. 7. in addition... your home appears across the board at every participating brokerage’s website, including and every place else you can imagine serving the Chicago real estate market.
  8. 8. and then... your website As important as syndicating the listing is presenting it in its own website. Specific to the property, with attractive photographs, compelling and descriptive text and fully search optimized, the website is cross- referenced in all of our online and print marketing.
  9. 9. next thing... geo-tagged photographs Not only are photographs the first step but by geo-tagging with online albums Picasa and Flickr, they are also the fourth step. Search engine optimized, the photos are searchable and visible online.
  10. 10. finding and using new technology We constantly seek out new methods to better serve our clients. One such technology that enhances our online muscle is creating presentations and sharing them via SlideShare and Scribd. They not only look great, but they gain enormous traction with search engines.
  11. 11. and then... the real estate lounge chicago Our well-respected blog allows us to do all of the above in one setting. Featured in occasional posts with photos and using search engine optimized terms, we achieve the goal of compelling visibility.
  12. 12. validation The Real Estate Lounge Chicago is part of @properties, Chicago’s number one real estate brokerage. This means your listing has more muscle behind it than any where else in the city. Period.
  13. 13. and... Our position atop the Chicago real estate market is by design, not mistake. By affiliating with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and Luxury Portfolio, among others, we anticipate our clients’ needs and respond toward results!
  14. 14. bottom line... Where you list your home matters. Choosing the Real Estate Lounge Chicago with @properties provides you with the most exposure and the most expert advice. Accomplished in luxury home marketing, negotiation and buyers’ representation, and deeply knowledgeable about the market, bottom line we make the most sense. Absolutely.