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Pre-Assessment in Maths


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Slideshow from TMSussex: Southwater about pre-assessing children in maths so you know where to pitch the following lessons.

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  • After many failed attempts, I almost packed in my GCSE maths altogether. But fortunately I didn't, thanks to Jeevan's guide! When I read it, I found out exactly where I was going wrong all this time! I followed his approach and achieved 90% in my next sitting. I was shocked and I thought it was a total fluke so I put his strategy to the test again. This time, I got 100%! Fantastic! If only I came across Jeevan's strategy sooner. Learn more.. ■■■
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Pre-Assessment in Maths

  1. 1. What got me thinking?  Teaching Year 5 and Year 6 at the same time  Purposeful differentiation  Extending the talented mathematicians in a large group  What purposeful targets look like
  2. 2. The process…  Find out what the children know  Set short term targets based on this information  Record the progress towards these targets... … in a user friendly, quick and straightforward way!
  3. 3. Before moving on to a new unit, the children respond to quiz questions to see what they already know. The table shows what they can do and the areas they need to work on. These become their targets. The targets become the sequence of the learning and as targets are achieved, this is added to the table in the form of the date.
  4. 4. It’s fine to say, ‘I don’t know’, as the children are clear that this is an opportunity to learn.
  5. 5. It’s a process that is evolving and is refined as I go along. The quiz questions are in the order of the planned teaching sequence and I always try to have questions at the end that they will not have encountered. I now add empty boxes on the end to add extra targets for children who need the challenge.