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How To Revise And Boost Your Marks In Online Exams


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Exams are approaching and now is the time to prove yourself. Use these effective tips to come out on top this semester. You can also improve your marks by hiring our tutors to manage your online exams. To know more, visit and ask – ‘Can I hire someone to take my online class for me?’

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How To Revise And Boost Your Marks In Online Exams

  2. 2. • Run through all your notes quickly • Ask yourself whether you understand everything • If not, go back, gather more information and update SPARE YOURSELF TIME REVISING
  3. 3. PLAN DIFFERENT TYPES OFACTIVE STUDYING • Learn to use flashcards for an hour • Skip to summary for next one hour • Helps to study more efficiently • Doesn’t let you get distracted or bored • Motivates you to study for a longer period
  4. 4. • Create vivid images and detailed notes while studying • Imagine how the concepts are formed • Allows you to remember certain details more accurately MAKE THE FACTS MORE RELATABLE
  5. 5. TEACH OTHERS • Efficient way of studying • Helps to remember the material a lot better • Understand every concept you explain to others • Discuss with others and clarify doubts
  6. 6. • Try to find past papers • Find sample questions on the internet • Pay attention to small mistakes • Revise the parts you feel need improved TEST YOURSELF
  7. 7. HIRE TAKE MY ONLINE CLASS TUTORS • Call us to ask – ‘Can you take my online class for me?’ • Log in to and sign up • Discuss your class requirements • Get an Ivy League expert to boost your grades • Competitive prices • Quality and privacy guaranteed
  8. 8. Visit