Unkwon explorers sample


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Start of new Sci-Fi novel, please email tmkcodes@gmx.com if you have something to say.

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Unkwon explorers sample

  1. 1. UnknownExplorers Copyright (c) Toni Korpela
  2. 2. Table of ContentsReaching new galaxy..............................................3
  3. 3. Reaching new galaxyOnce upon a time there was space exploration team reaching new unknown galaxy. Similar teams hadbeen sent from earth to explore different galaxies to find habitable planets. This team which was nowreaching the first planet in the galaxy consists of several hundred soldiers, some researchers andmaintainers of the mother ship.The mother ship is complex space ship which has really powerful weapon system and can move at lightspeed, but sadly it is too big to travel by using space gates. The mother ship also contains smaller ships,such as battle ships and one special ship which is used as the first base in the new galaxy.The ship crew contains few hundred soldiers and punch of scientists who love to explore new planets.The mother ship also contains the maintainer crew who live in the mother ship. Their job is to makesure the mother ship works, the stasis pods do not shut down and kill the persons inside them. Theyalso take care of the mother ship artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence system called Jo takescare of the flight paths, unknown enemies and other possible outside dangers automatically.The task of the crew once they reach their target galaxy is to set up worm hole gates in the habitableplanets they find. Sadly though these worm hole gates can not be used while the gate is moving so themaintainer crew has not been out of the ship while they have been traveling. Another problem is thatwhen gates are used to travel to another galaxy requires much more energy than traveling insidegalaxies. To travel to another galaxy with the gates the gate must draw energy closer to sun.The stasis pods which contain most of the crew such as the soldiers and few scientists starts to openwhen the mother ship reached the new galaxy border.I open my eyes and say, “aah” and hear the announcement by Jo, “We are reaching the first planet inthe new galaxy; Everything seems to be green; The year is three hundred two thousand and twelve;Everyone has been sleeping two hundred and two years.”I stand up from the stasis pod and yawn since I was feeling little sleepy still. The guy next to me says,“hey long time no see.” I answer him smile on my face, “Yeah, two hundred years; Did you have sweetdreams.” The guy next to me whos name is jack tells me, “You know we cant have dreams while weare in stasis.” I laugh and reply, “Oh, yes I know. But it feels like yesterday.”Suddenly I hear some sound, but realize that it is just the stasis pods going back in to the wall where wejust slept for over two hundred years.I look around and realize that I forgot how large the stasis room is and now that its full of white suitedpeople the room looks even more white with some heads one the walls. Its sad that the wake up wasnot in steps like the start of the stasis, but cant do anything about that, we just have to move slowly towhere we should go.Jo starts again, “Please move to your stations, we are reaching first possibly habitable planet in twohours of time. Those who are stationed in the base ship, please be quick. I have started the ship systemsalready for you.” I mutter myself, “Damn I would love to be part of the base ship team, but sadly I ampart of the second battle ship team.” Our job in the second battle ship team is to set up new gates to
  4. 4. planets we find in the galaxy. Though we do no do anything before we find suitable base planet. I hopewe can do it at once. My job in my team is to scout the target planets with the teams scientist and fewother soldiers.“Ugh.” Damn I am hungry. The stasis really is something else sleeping for years without aging. Wellhas to head to the canteen.Fifteen minutes later after Duz walked to the canteen.“Oh hello droid, whats your name and what we have for today?” The droid replies, “I am Bork and Iam the mother ship waiter; For today we have rise and cloned chicken meat.” I tell Bork, “Sure I willeat some of that with water.” Bork automatically replies, “Yes wait a moment.”Bork gives the food on tray. Bork is robot, basically child of Jo with metallic humanoid body, butBorks job is much easier than Jos, but that is expected when Bork is just waiter.I thanked pork and headed to empty table as the canteen was kinda empty, just some people who willnot have anything to do yet.