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Furniture Style slideshow!


  1. 1. Furniture Styles By Tara Jones
  2. 2. Queen Anne This style of furniture is Queen Anne. One indication for this style is the ball foot on the leg. It also has a very refined look, like most during this period. If I was to use this in a design I would use it in a room that had a lot of wood. I would also look nice with simple furniture, nothing too detailed. It is definintly a simple but elegant piece.
  3. 3. Chippendale This piece of furniture is a Chippendale style. One indicator is A nature aspect, like a design of leaves or animals. Like this piece it has classic curves and a French and Rocco influence. If I was to use this chair I would most likely use it in a dinning room with a classic feel.
  4. 4. Federal Style This piece of furniture is a federal style. An indicator of this could be its simplicity. While it may look simple it shows a certain elegance and is very geometric. If I was to use this in a room, I would most likely have similar furniture. A lot of geometric and simple designs. Nothing that curves, because that would distract and oppose this style
  5. 5. Contemporary / Modern This piece of furniture is contemporary or modern. A few indicators of this are the metal and the certain style it possess. It seems to be furniture that was popular starting in the 1970’s. I honestly would not use this in a design because I do not have a taste for this kind of furniture. If I had to choose a type of design to place this in it would have to be a futuristic design.
  6. 6. Art Nouveau This cabinet is from the art nouveau period, which originally became popular in the arts and craft movement. Some idicators of this style are natural forms, like branches or leaves, waves, and flames. If I was to use this piece of furniture in my design I would use it in a room with a lot of red woods. It would probably be some kind of center piece in the room, or a major focus.
  7. 7. Shaker This piece of furniture is simply simple. It is designed to be useful. Not real design or style is put into it, it simply is what it is. Yet again, I would most likely not use this. I think that furniture should have a purpose and should also look neat. If I had to use it I would mostl likely use it on a porch.
  8. 8. Empire This bed frame is the empire style (French influenced). It has a very strong and bold frame and has French influences. If I was to use this bed, I would most likely use it in a room that had a strong and rigid theme. It shows power and stability, so the room should too.
  9. 9. Hepplewhite This chair is a Hepplewhite style. A indicator of this is the back. Most hepplewhite chairs had a shield and heart design, like this one above. If I was to use this in a design I would most likely use it in classic room. One with a lot of wood and curves.
  10. 10. Duncan Phyfe The chair above is a Duncan Phyfe design. A indicator of this would be the legs (the legs curve out). Also the back is very similar to many in this style. I would most likely use this piece of furniture with a federal design. While this may have curved legs, it shows strength and stability.
  11. 11. Baroque The chairs above show a Baroque style. Indicators of this style are twisted turnings, broken, and reserved curves, and appliqués of materials. It also shows an Italian or late Renaissance style. If I was to use this in a design I would most likely use it in a seventeenth century designed room. This piece of furniture is designed from the late Renaissance period, so this would be fitting.
  12. 12. Spanish Baroque This bed frame shows a Spanish Baroque. The indictors in this piece are the rich carvings and decorations. It also has patterns of floral motifs. If I was to use this in a room I would most likely use it to enhance the usage of wood. I would try to somehow draw peoples attention to the detailed carvings.
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