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The Brand as a Story Teller


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The art of story telling for brands. A presentation give on 3/22/2012 to the Business Development Institute.

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The Brand as a Story Teller

  1. 1. Brands as Story Tellers Tom Miale (@tmiale) Director, Multimedia Engagement MultiVu@tmiale #BDI1
  2. 2. ... Once upon a time@tmiale #BDI1
  3. 3. “ In 1965, 80% percent of adults could be reached with three 60- second TV spots. Today it requires 117 prime time Commercials to produce the same result ” (Jim Stengel, Former GMO P&G)@tmiale #BDI1
  4. 4. In the 80’s you wereexposed to700 brandmessages a day
  5. 5. In... 3,000 - 5,000 Brand Messages A DAY!
  6. 6. Millennials still LIKEtraditional advertising BUT... They EXPECT brands to be on their social networks
  7. 7. 67% say that a brand’s presence on socialshows that the band cares about theirgeneration64% have “LIKED” a brand onFacebook56% think that social media isa great way to find out what’snew with a brand they like Source- YPulse January 2012 Study
  8. 8. Top Reasons Millennials “Unfollow” a BrandThe brand sends toomany messages (59%)Stopped liking the brand (14%)Wanted their social network to bemore personal/for friends (12%)Not enough sales orpromotion offers (10%). Source- YPulse January 2012 Study
  9. 9. Millennials clearly use Social Media to help stay informed of what their brands are doingThey want their news feed to be fun and engaging When you turn on the fire hose of traditional brand messaging in to their news stream, you will be “unfollowed”
  10. 10. The brand as a storyteller@tmiale #BDI1
  11. 11. We are in an era where brands can bypass the press and tell their stories directly to consumers@tmiale #BDI1
  12. 12. Completely Unofficial Self Serving Graph
  14. 14. “If a story is not about the hearer he [or she] will not listen . . . A great lasting story is about everyone or it will not last. The strange and foreign is not interesting--only the deeply personal and familiar.” ― John Steinbeck, East of Eden@tmiale #BDI1
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  17. 17. @tmiale #BDI1
  18. 18. USE MULTIMEDIA@tmiale #BDI1
  19. 19. @tmiale #BDI1
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  21. 21. @tmiale #BDI1
  22. 22. ... To summarize We are bombarded with brand To stand out from the rest Messaging all day of the content, make your message personalMost of us don’t mind as long asthe content is interesting Multimedia is a great story telling device and it’s more likely to be sharedThe minute it’s not, we’re likely tounfollow • ... And they all lived happily ever after @tmiale #BDI1
  23. 23. @tmiale #BDI1