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Tmc tools final


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Tmc tools final

  1. 1. tools
  2. 2. must have booksNuno Bernardo: The Producers Guide to Transmedia: How toDevelop, Fund, Produce and Distribute Compelling Stories AcrossMultiple Platforms (2011)Julie Giles, How to Build an Audience for Your Web Series: Market,Motivate, Monetize. Downloadable PDF Jenkins: Convergence Culture: Where Old and New MediaCollide (2006)Jane McGonigal: Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us BetterAnd How They Can Change The World (2011)Andrea Phillips - A Creator’s Guide To Transmedia StorytellingDownloadable E-BookFrank Rose: The Art of Immersion: How the Digital Generation IsRemaking Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and the Way We TellStories (2011)
  3. 3. Direct Distribution &VOD PlatformsDistrify: sells films socially on any website across platforms and devices,Dynamo Player: The Dynamo Player can be embedded anywhere, yourwebsite, Facebook etc, & the Pay per View VOD platform is shareableacross platforms, (Review),EggUp: Films upload are coded as ‘.Egg,’ the .Egg is instantly availableon, iPhone, iPad, Digital Download and Instant Streaming,Film/videos can be rented or bought, settings allow for pricing options &country create social blog/channel (still in Beta),FlickLaunch: offers social sharingGroupee: "Groupee combines social media, fan engagement, promotion,charity and distribution in a unique & one-of-a-kind platform."OpenFilm: an online video platform for discovering, distributing andfinancing independent films online that works with third-party distributionplatforms
  4. 4. PlatformsFilmDIY (rent or buy),MubiGarage (subscription model - monthly fee for unlimited films),Ooyala: Delivers to connected screens, 130 countries, creates personalized mediaexperiencesViddler: online video platformDigital Distribution Access ProvidersDistribber: flat fee for placement in Amazon, Cable VOC, Hulu, iTunes, Netflix - 100%returnIndieblitz boutique film distribution to physical outlets, digital distribution (iTunes,Amazon OnDemand, Netflix Watch Instantly, Hulu, etc) and a direct order/warehouseshippingGravitas: aggregates entertainment content for worldwide distribution via VODplatforms, broadband, mobile & airline/hospitality industriesNew Video: a Cinedigm company, is a leading entertainment distributor and the largestaggregator of independent digital content worldwide.Premiere Digital: content aggregator & global distributor
  5. 5. Social Community builders &distributionFanBridge is a multi-channel sales engine & networked communities to promote &sell projectsTOPSPIN offers direct-to-fan efforts top to bottom, from strategy, creative design andexecution to fan club management, 100% of house ticketing and holistic onlinemarketing across all social media and music outlet touch-points.Excellent Articles on Direct Distribution /VOD Platforms & Aggregators:Ted Hope’s Blog hosts an ongoing discussion of the current & future state of the film/entertainment industries. Must read is the ‘27 New Platforms Available for DirectDistribution’ (updated to 30)Rob Mills’ "Online Distribution: 10 Lessons from Dynamo Player"Sheri Candler on "New Online Distribution Service: Prescreen"Centre for Social Media has a wide range of articles:Things Self-distributing filmmakers can doHow Social Media is empowering filmmakersHow Social Media has changed the game for filmmakersSix Golden Rules for filmmakers on Social MediaEssential Books on Digital/Hybrid DistributionJon Reiss, Think Outside the Box Office (by online)The Film Collaborative, Jon Reiss & Sheri Candler, Selling Your Film without SellingYour Soul
  6. 6. Editing Platforms for Digital &Interactive Media ContentCONDUCTTR is a “pervasive entertainment platform” developed by Rob Pratten forcross-platform social games and stories. The Conducttr authoring tool requires noprogramming skills and is available worldwide via any web browser. Experiencesscripted in Conducttr can be immediately made available on a free Conducttr mobileapp or via bespoke custom-apps.FLIXMASTER is a cloud-based video editing and publishing platform that enablescontent creators to build dynamic, interactive videos with drag-and-drop ease. create& share interactive videosKLYNT: ‘is an editing & publishing application dedicated to visual storytellers.It wasdesigned as an affordable and creative solution to explore new narrative formats on theinternet.’KORSAKOW: ‘The Korsakow System (pronounced ‘KOR-SA-KOV’) is an easy-to-usecomputer program for the creation of database films with video, audio, & image.’ Auseful tool for storyboarding interactive video/media contentMOZILLA POPCORN: An open source project to make online video more dynamic andsocial - ‘Using Popcorn.js, developers can create interactive time-based media contentusing video and audio assets, combined with web content including real-time socialmedia, news and visualisations."Popcorn allows web filmmakers to amp up interactivity around their movies,harnessing the web to expand their creations in new ways," said Mozilla ExecutiveDirector Mark Surman. “For those who dont want to write code, Popcorn Maker is anew application that is designed to make authoring interactive videos experiences "aseasy as point and click".’Excellent article here
  7. 7. cont...STOOME: is a collaborative online video editing & film-sharing platform3WDOC: is a browser-based authoring and publishing application made in HTML5for digital storytellingZEEGA: is an open source HTML5 platform for inventing new forms of interactivestorytellingStory SharingPlatforms for textNovlet is a web application designed to support collaborative writing of non-linearstories in any language. With Novlet you will be able to read stories written by otherusers, create your own ones, and choose the plot you like most from severalalternatives.StoryMash: A creative writing community for authors, amateur writers, readers andanyone interested in collaborative fiction and collaborative creative writing.Subtext: Styled a ‘community-enriched books.’ Read any book with your friends inSubtext. You can exchange ideas and share all types of information and Webcontent as you read.Wattpad: Dubbed ‘The YouTube of Writing’ by Gigaom, Wattpad is the worldslargest community platform for discovering and sharing stories on the web andacross every mobile device.
  8. 8. GamingAugmented Reality and Interactive Storytelling (ARIS) is a new, open sourceauthoring platform that enables users to create place-based or narrative gamingactivities designed for teaching and learning. Excellent article hereDubit Platform creates interactive virtual games and digital entertainment platformsfor branded contentGameSalad is a free online game development platform for IOS, Android & HTML5.Games are created with drag & drop functions, no codingKlip App integrate real rewards for virtual achievements in your gamePug Pharm creates community culture through social gameplay, including rewards,social matchmaking, item-based gameplay, and direct monetization possibilities.Stencyl creates IOS & Flash games for web or mobile, no coding requiredUnity 3D is a game development tool to create games for web or mobile in 3Denvironments.Mobile GamingGeoloqi is platform that builds location-based games & apps.Ludocity is a collection of pervasive games, street games, and new sports (all undercreative commons license)
  9. 9. Mobile lists multiple Prototyping templates for mobile & tablet apps for IOS& is UI prototyping tool specifically tailored for mobile and tabletapplications. The web based environment allows you create for iPhone, iPad,Android phones or tablets.WireframesFree online tools to generate wireframes can be found wireframe & mock-up applicationm web design wireframes, webbrowser sketching & wireframe templates
  10. 10. CrowdfundingAppsFunder: Crowdfunding for Mobile Apps, an all-or-nothing funding; 80% ofthe milestone amount, the remaining is paid out when you launch the app on theappstoreIndieGoGo: 4% fee if you make your goal, 9% if not, +3% credit cardprocessing feecheck the Indiegogo blog for numerous key ‘how-to’ posts‘5 Basic Elements for a Great Pitch Page’Founder Slava Rubin’s ‘6 Essential Steps for Crowdfunding’Read every section of Indiegogo’s Insight page - GOLDKickstarter: 5% fee, +3-5% credit card fee “all or nothing” fundraising modelPozible: “all or nothing” fundraising modelRocketHub: crowdfunding for creative projects • 4% fee if you make your goal,8% if not, +3-5% credit card feeSoKap: 5% fee, 10% fee on product sold via their marketplace, +3% credit cardfeeCrowdfunding Resources & ArticlesThe Crowdfunder’s Bible: Fantastic archive on Crowdfunding by Wonder Russell
  11. 11. cont...crowdfunding HighlightsGreat Pinterest site on Crowdfunding for FilmmakersLearn tips and tricks for your own Kickstarter! Todd Lucas: Singer/Songwriter -The MovieCMF: Crowdfunding in a Canadian Context August 2012Film Independent: Crowdfunding Cliff NotesFilm Specific: Financing Your Micro-Budget Film: A Crowdfunding CaseStudy Video interview with 2 filmmakers on how they used crowdfunding to helpraise part of their $500k budgetDavid Branin of FILM COURAGE provides a fantastic Crowd-Funding CheatSheetFilmmaker Gregory Bayne successfully crowdfunded the Jens Pulverdocumentary DRIVEN, and it was written up by Kickstarter here:Fantastic post from Meg Pinsonneault, aka Thirsty Girl Films on Indiegogo:Networking Novice to Social Media Maven: How Crowd Funding and SocialMedia Made Me a Better FilmmakerGary Hayes: Producing Transmedia Stories: 10 Reasons why Audiences do itBetterSheri Candler has many excellent posts on her blog, here
  12. 12. Success IndicatorsSocial Media AnalyticsKlout, measures your influence based on your ability to drive action on socialnetworks.PeerIndex, PeerIndex measures interactions across the web to help you understandyour impact in social media.We want you to learn about the people you influence and see who influences you.Radian6 provides extensive analytics of conversations on the web, includingenhanced demographics, sentiment analysis, influencers & trendsSysomos provides comprehensive real-time analysis of conversations on theweb,analytics include automated sentiment, demographics, influencers, historicalanalysis and intelligent reporting.Topsy gives real time analytics searching links, tweets, images, videos, experts, &trendingTraackr, tracks influencers based on targeted keywords, using a unique three-dimensional analysis for each influencer: Reach (audience size), Resonance (ability toengage their community), and Relevance (to specific context).
  13. 13. Get in Touch contactus TMC Resource Kit tmcresourcekit.comTMC Bible Tools was prepared by: Dr. Siobhan O’Flynn @Sioflynn
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  15. 15. TMC Toolsis released under a NonCommercial ShareAlikeCreative Commons license to be shared, remixed andexpanded non-­‐commercially, as long as you credit theTMC Resource Kit, the creator of the Tools, Anthea Foyer &Dr. Siobhan O’Flynn, and license your new creations underthe identical terms.