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Exceptional transmedia storytelling, BBC Sherlock Holmes Season 1 & 2
Case study created by Siobhan O'Flynn

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TMCRK Sherlock Holmes BBC Case Study

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  2. 2. Why? The BBC Sherlock Holmes Season 2 provides an exceptional example of how to incorporate social media elements into the TVcontent seamlessly & economically, while deftly enhancing the main story line. The invitation to the viewer to engage in social or multi- screen viewing is not forced or gratuitous, rather expands on the characters, their interactions & key plot points.
  3. 3. BBC 2011-12sherlockholmes
  4. 4. Twitter & Facebook games make it social 2009
  5. 5. 221Bintegrated immersive social game 8  cases  to  solve  connected  to  mystery  in  film clues  in  videos,  ar4cles,  flash  games,  virtual  searches   of  rooms character  introduc4ons   “Easter  Eggs”  reveal  info  that  connects  to  film a  mul4player  op4on:  invite  a  Facebook  Friend  to  play   as  Watson  or  Holmes   personality  quiz  determines  role   two  players  work  together  to  assemble  clues  that   when  looked  at  together  lead  to  the  solu4on  of  each   case Caitlin  Burns  hHp://­‐social-­‐media-­‐and-­‐storytelling-­‐at-­‐their-­‐finest/
  6. 6. BBC 2011-12sherlockholmes 7,500,000 viewers episode 1 July 2010 8,800,000 viewers in uk episode 1 Jan 2012. 30% audience share
  7. 7. Alternative Distribution Channels in-timeblogging Episode 1 refers to Watson’s Blog repeatedly in 1st 10 minutes. Holmes’ is referred to too, though his lacks the viewers of Watson’sthe Science of deduction Dr. John watson
  8. 8. Irene Adler teasingin-timeIrene Adler & her blog are introduced 20minutes in, encouraging viewers to search forthe blog.Mycroft refers to her as ‘The Woman.’However, her blog, a tumblr site is notlaunched until the day after the episode airs,January 2, 2012http://missadlerthewhiphand.tumblr.comThe site isn’t listed as an official BBC site,yet... images are incorporated into the showAND have a good look at the content...
  9. 9. Integrated transmediaStorytelling Episode 1: blogs, tumblr site referred to 10 & 20 minute markintegrated content across platforms
  10. 10. The Content Designstorynode Episode 2: blog comment referred to 20 min. mark • contained plot point • dramatic tension • narrative space
  11. 11. Break the4thwall • ‘fan’ video ‘discovered on youtube • cross-posted on Watson’s blog• watson’s blog hacked with burglary video• bbc reports on shocking end
  12. 12. Fans take chargefanfundraiser “With contributions from Stephen Fry, Mark Gatiss, Douglas Wilmer and many more.... The Undershaw Preservation Trust (UPT), with Mark Gatiss [BBC Sherlock] as Patron, is dedicated to the preservation and protection of this important literary building and are campaigning to get this decision overturned, so the house can be restored to its original glory and enjoyed as the single dwelling Sir Arthur Conan Doyle intended it to be... This book is a collection of short Sherlock Holmes stories and poems written by fans from around the world in support of the Save Undershaw campaign - even the cover has been designed by fans. Royalties from the book go towards the UPT to preserve this wonderful house for future generations of Doyleans, Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts and literary fans of all kinds.”
  13. 13. BBC Distributed Content MultiplePlatformsyoutube series excerpts faux bbc news clipyoutube trailer bbc broadcast 5 blogs
  14. 14. Google Insightssherlockbbc web search Sept. 2012
  15. 15. Google Insightssherlockbbc Sept. 2012
  16. 16. TV Viewing Upbbciplayer • a scandal in belgravia • airs new year’s day • 623,000 views in 24 hours • bbc iplayer online viewing up 24% in 2011 • use of iPlayer on mobiles and tablets also up 94 per cent • TV content continues to draw • 2.5 million views
  17. 17. fansgettoWork winner of shorty - best fansite 2012
  18. 18. Integrated fanmadecontent‘holmes’ on twitter ‘adler’ on twitter JMoriarty on twitter#believeinsherlock.tumblr memes street graffiti campaign Irene Adler tumblr the whip hand
  19. 19. #BelieveInSherlock guerrillacampaign Fan Site “So… I guess you all have heard/read/seen the news. It’s been pretty hard to miss it - the death of Sherlock Holmes. I’m gutted but I’m doing my best to keep it together. I don’t know about you guys, but I refuse to believe it. That he was a fraud. He just can’t have been, can’t have! I saw him at a crime scene once, I had followed the sound of sirens in hope it’d be one of his cases, and there is NO WAY he was a fake. Berlin believes! North Texas believes! You can’t make that sort of shit up, he was too good! He was an inspiration for all of us to be more observant in our every day lives, and I won’t accept the so called truth about Sherlock that is all over the media. I know you feel like I do, and now it’s our turn to show that we haven’t lost faith in him. Sherlock might be gone, but I won’t sit silent!” “This is a blog to collect the love and creations of Sherlock fans participating in#BelieveInSherlock. Please feel welcome to submit!”Hong Kong believes! Vienna believes!
  20. 20. BelieveInSherlock.Tumbler.commappingfanactivity
  21. 21. Get in Touch contactus TMC Resource Kit tmcresourcekit.comSherlock Holmes BBC Case Study was prepared by: Dr. Siobhan O’Flynn @Sioflynn
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