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TMC Patient 0 Case Study


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TMC Patient 0 Case Study

  1. 1. PatientO A Case Study GO
  2. 2. Why? Patient 0 is an exceptional case study because of it’s amazing ability to engage & include theiraudience from the get-go as well as their innovative and successful business model.
  3. 3. patient0It’s All About The Audience.....The audience is core to every part of the Patient 0 project. From creative development,marketing, fundraising and all other aspects of this project the audience has be included.This case study will highlight how this has helped this project to be a success.
  4. 4. Patient 0 theOverviewPatient 0 is a fully immersive live action real life, multiplayer, first person shooter, role-playing game. If you everwanted to get off the couch and play your favourite first person shooter video game for real, this is the event foryou. Patient 0 is the first game event by IRL Shooter and it will blow your mind. From the moment you purchase your ticket, you will be taken on a journey into a completely realised universe ofour design, culminating in you and 5 of your friends having to fight your way through a zombie infested building,solving puzzles, collecting information and trying to stay alive.Unlike other live action zombie shooter games, they are creating a brand new weapons system that will keep anaccurate score of your game-play; how many kills, headshots, body shots, misses, friendly fire etc. So not onlydo you have to survive and complete the missions, but your game will be ranked and your score matters.Imagine the most realistic first person shooter video game, in real life.
  5. 5. thePlatformsLive Role Playing Pozible Live HD Video /cctv Reddit It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. The point of using Lorem Ipsum is that it has a more-or-less normal distribution of letters.Short Film Twitter Facebook UNIFORMS
  6. 6. Patient 0 theExperiencePatient – 0 is a world first real life, multiplayer, first person shooter, roleplaying game. It isnt LARP, it isn’t laser tag. It is a video game in real life.employee orientation pack Once players have successfully booked theirplaying time they will receive an employee orientation pack. From this point onplayers take on the role of a new recruit in the employ of Grey Area ProtectiveServices (G.A.P.S.), the largest standing private mercenary army in the world.Players will also receive their RFID card and information required to access theG.A.P.S. website in order for the game to begin.Mission Briefing After going through the G.A.P.S. orientation videos, playerswill be given their mission brief, of what where, when, and why and be givenaccess to G.A.P.S. online data base of mission intelligence files. In order to beappropriately briefed about the upcoming mission information, it is stronglyadvised that players spend at least some
  7. 7. Patient 0 theExperience continued....Briefing The forward command post is in a state of scramble, trying to securethe area, as they’ve lost contact with Alpha Team, who breached the facility first.After the initial entry into the facility, players will be tooled up with their GAPSstandard issue M4 carbine assault rifle and given an on sight mission brief bringingthem up to speed with the operation that is unfolding around them, and finallygiven any additional equipment that is required before they start.Haven to Hostile The players then enter the facility, a completely hostileenvironment. A fully controlled set with each section specifically lit for maximumimpact, and a full sound design playing through the entire facility. Whilst makingtheir way through the labyrinthine facility of The Lazarus Project, players will haveto neutralise any hostiles in the area, interact with NPCs, extract any and allresearch materials and find the grizzly remains of Alpha Team.
  8. 8. Patient 0how much input do players have? theExperience How Long does an event run?Inside the facility the players are the ones in total control over the Patient 0 starts on Halloween, the 31st of October 2012 and runs for aexperience they have. Anything from big dumb shoot’em up fun, to a nail month. Due to popular demand, Patient 0 will be running in three otherbiting white knuckle survival horror experience. The more time players Australian cities.invest in the research, the more immersive the experience will be oncethe physical mission starts. This is a real life game. Think you can sprintaround like you do in COD, well you’d better have put the road work in. is each game the same?You will be stressed, you will be pushed, you will play as a team. That Each instalment in the I.R.L Shooter universe is only going to play outcan be a cohesive unit of badass killers with a clear hierarchy or a group once, then they change the story. It’s going to be up to the players to putof 6 hard boiled mercenaries who are out for themselves. Most all the pieces together, find all the hidden information and try to work outimportantly, you will need to shoot straight. As you already know, only who is behind it all!one in the head, makes the dead stay dead. (987) 124-5678 98 East Street, New York, NY 12345
  9. 9. Patient 0 theAudiencePatient O has been incredibly successful in finding and leveraging their target audience. This hasbeen the key to attracting money, partners and getting this project off the ground.How to Engage an Audience, Patient 0 Style...• Create a unique offering • keep your youtube page active• use social media • build advocates from your audience• find your audience & go to where they are • use free online tools such as Hootsuite, google analytics to track & engage with your audience• have passion for your project • be a part of the conversation• answer every single email • keep generating content• respond to every single tweet • include your audience in the process {B}• build a facebook community
  10. 10. Patient 0theAudience Patient 0 not only engaged their fans but are actively inviting them to participate And when they do participate they are acknowledged & encouraged to continue
  11. 11. Patient 0 engagingyouraudienceThe Patient 0 team continues it’s audience engagement through all facets of the project...Give ‘em Stuff Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Email Let Others Watch Remember your manners. The Patient 0 team Thank your audience for Understand that audience responded to every email, getting involved. Be honest comes in many forms. every Tweet, every when things go wrong. Patient 0 knows that not Facebook post. What a Basically, treat them well every one wants to, or can,Contests are a great way great way to get people and don’t keep them in the play but they are setting upto get your audience involved and excited. They dark. a CCTV system to allowsinvolved. Patient 0 created also have created videos to friend and family to watchcontests that allowed their answer the most popular the game as it is played.audience to get involved & questions.also gave away prizes thatare valuable to them.
  12. 12. Patient 0 theMarketingCampaignPatient 0 was marketing completely through social media and word of mouth. audience was key to the marketing plan by turning them into advocatesthe patient 0 team answered every email, responded to every tweet, and kept the conversation alive onfacebook, created an active forum on their website, developed an audience on youtube facebook was the key mode of communication & dissemination of informationusing free online tools was integral to maintaining this level of communication including Google Analytics &Hootsuite. their fundraising campaign on crowdsourcing platform pozible, which also served as marketing, crashed their site because after it was posted on reddit because of high traffic used a variety of techniques including give aways and opportunities for fans to add their own voice to develop a strong sense of connection to their audience and, therefore, an active & spreadable conversation
  13. 13. Patient 0 theMoneyPatient 0 has been successful using both new businessmodels as well as traditional means of revenue generation.One thing to note, for both Canadian and Australianproducers, is that they have not used any public funds buthave found other means to both raise the funds to developthe project and to make profits from it. Some of theseinclude:๏ Crowdsourcing๏ Merchandise + Other Add Ons๏ Ticket Sales๏ Strategic Partnerships
  14. 14. The Money theCrowdsourcing AU$243,480 Actual Amount raisedAU$10,000Initial GOALThe Patient 0 team not only hit on a zeitgeist but also targeted core communities. According to an The FundingLaunchpad, ‘Their marketing focused on reaching out to the online newsgroups, forums, and new sources theywere already active in. They have also been very active in responding to emails, posts, comments, tweets, andother communications about their project.’ So, again, their targeted focus on their audience has, literally paid offfor this savvy team. {A}
  15. 15. The Money theCrowdsourcing Posted on YouTube Posted on Pozible Promoted on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, newsfeeds,
  16. 16. The MoneytheMerchandise Patient 0 offers merchandise both for both in-game play, such as uniforms and weapons, as well as merch that can be worn and used outside of the game. This serves to both promote theie events and also provide a further connection for their audience.
  17. 17. The Money ingamemerchandiseThe Patient 0 team has again connected their audience’s enhanced experience withopportunities to make money. Some of the In Game purchases include: • helmetyou want to 8: Select helmet cam if cams Step purchase a camera to record your game• UNIFORMS Ashave the chance toand not an GAPSsoldier, players will a G.A.P.S. officer purchase army authorised uniforms which they can fully customise for the mission.
  18. 18. Patient 0 ThetechnologyIRL Technology is built into all aspects of the experience. The game, players, zombies and guns all connect players and add to the storyline... Backend As well, they built a unique backend system that allowed single users to buy one ticket but stillWeapons Tech Players building them into a Zombies The Game team of six players. This system was needed in order to create an easy system for their audience to become part of the experience. User-Defined Footer Text
  19. 19. Patient 0 theTeam Benjamin PowellDavid Leadbetter drew Tech LeadProducer
  20. 20. Patient 0thepartners
  21. 21. Patient 0 thepartners Patient 0 Explains ‘What’s With All The Partners? {part 1}Adioso - We are in the process of building a widget that will Zombie U - One of the most awesome new and innovativelink in with our website and the Adioso flights booking engine, games coming out for the Wee soon. We’re in talks with thesethis will enable you to be able to not only book a game with guys for something really, but also book a flight on the day as well! They have built a Capcom - We cant tell you any more than we are in talks withfantastic website that will search for the best and cheapest these guys now and it’s going to be HHHUUUUGGGGEEEEEflights! Promotive Group - All the awesome merchandise and GAPSContour - Being able to film your event is really important to uniforms that you’re able to wear have been sourced andus, we we have joined up with Contour who make really high supplied by these guys and they ahve done a spectacular job!quality, hard wearing HD cameras that attach to your helmet!Resident Evil - Really exciting things from these guys, not Ubisoft -Again, cant really say anything too much here but youonly are they on board to give away awesome prizes for our SHOULD be excited!facebook, but we have a very special ‘something’ that we are MMGN - Our forum is powered on the MMGN system and it’sworking on with these guys. well worth checking out. Looking for players orFX Channel - Well, all I need to say here is ‘Walking Dead’. teams, Asking questions about the booking system or even for a general chat, this is where you go! We’re going to be buildingWeb Agency Bangkok - This website, booking engine and some impressive stuff with these guys so get involvedstore would never have been a reality without the amazingly now, because it’s going to be worth it!hard work from Carl and his team. in 6 weeks we have gonefrom a crazy difficult and complex plan to what you’re lookingat now.
  22. 22. Patient 0 thepartners Patient 0 Explains ‘What’s With All The Partners? {part 2}Pozible - Without Pozible (and you guys of course) this THQ - The power behind EB games and many more, wewhole project wouldn’t have been made a reality. Support these have some really great things in the pipeline from the team atguys. THQ.Skilled Actuals - The training videos that we will make, some of Madman - Prize packs and more from Madman. Where elsethe prizes and the consulting on our movie, Skilled actuals bring would we find hard to get and unique games and movies!years of Police and Military training to the gig that will only Warwicks - The guns. Need more? How about…. THE GUNS!make it much, much more awesome! building the world first system that we have couldn’t have beenVisual Tonic - See those truly awesome graphics on Grey Area, done with out Scott. You are so going to loose your shit whenFacebook and IRL where do you think they came you play with these babies!from ? Yeah that’s right. DSA Global - Building the on-line community wouldn’t bephotoluminessence - All the photos on the website’s and at possible without the years of experience that has been broughtour events, shot with love and expertise from Vinny! to the table.Hornbuckle TV - We’re making a lot of films for you to watch The Bridge South Wharf- We only eat and drink atand they all need excellent sound. That’s why we have the the Melbourne’s coolest bar/restaurant. Also, you see those hotmater on board! models on the store? yeah, we have been stealing their staff! Hardcore Hardware - We cant really talk about this now, but it’s going to be smashing
  23. 23. Patient 0 LinksResources poziblecompany archive/index/6118/description/0/0facebook Youtube
  24. 24. Get in Touch contactus TMC Resource Kit tmcresourcekit.comPatient 0 Case Study was prepared by: anthea foyer @antheafoyer
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