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TMCRK Choco-locate Case Study


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Case study created by Siobhan O'Flynn

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TMCRK Choco-locate Case Study

  1. 1. choco-locateA Transmedia Documentary Project GO
  2. 2. Why?The simultaneous development of this three-screen documentary project and the evolution of a very successful app make this an exceptional case study.
  3. 3. Choco-locate theoverview A three-screen documentary project about the transformative power of chocolate produced by Lalita Krishna of In Sync Media‘The Choco-locate project began during thedevelopment of a new documentary,"Semisweet", which explores our relationshipwith the sweet indulgence.’‘Our initial research for SemiSweet has taken uson a journey around the world, from NorthernOntario and Middle America, and all the way toParis and the Cote D’Ivoire.’ Lalita Krishna➡ initial goal: ‘highlight the issue of Fair Trade’in chocolate production & consumption
  4. 4. Choco-locateproductiontimeline
  5. 5. Choco-locatedevelopmentstrategy development strategy early ‘aha’ moment!: Chocolate is a pleasure people don’t want to feel guilty about: “another product that (they) can’t put in (their) mouth because someone, somewhere is suffering somewhere in the world” ➡ revised goal: find an audience of ‘chocolate enthusiasts’ & shift them gently towards Fair Trade Connect with Chocolate Lovers How? Through stories of chocolate producers & independent Chocolatier
  6. 6. Choco-locate earlydevelopmentphase•Development of Semisweet, the doc,happened first•Semisweet presented a perfectopportunity for transmedia extensions•Applied to Bell Fund fordevelopment of website & app•TVO gave letter of support •Early development goal was website •Transmedia producer hired to assist in developing the website •Website would be blog based, story sharing
  7. 7. Choco-locate audienceresearch•Research into audience interests & needs • 2nd ‘aha!’: ‘People who like chocolate want to find chocolate. They don’t care about•Question: How can we respond to their history.’needs? And create an exciting interactivewebsite? •‘At the end of the day, they just want to find good chocolate.’• 4 Foodie focus groups - June - September2010 • If location is key, the device for location is mobile!•Focus groups were a key factor indevelopment process - saved months by • 3rd Aha! ‘If we’re going to help peopleasking target group what they wanted in a find chocolate then we’re going to gowebsite mobile’•Focus groups showed chocolate lovers wereinterested in one simple thing:
  8. 8. Choco-locate thetrailerlaunchedSeptember 29, 2010 on YouTubegoalCreate trailer as a pitch to model experience ofapp & website
  9. 9. Extensions transmedia• Interactive trailer was created to demo what interactive projectwill be, with different elements➡Key transmedia production decision - develop all platformssimultaneously. DON’T do film first, then transmedia later•January 2011: Website, App & Doc started simultaneously• Initial development focuses on Ontario as testing ground Beta website: • Registered website: & • Mobile to be central component - utility & cool factor!
  10. 10. Choco-locate app&website• With confirmed funding from Bell Media Fund,CMF, Ontario Interactive Digital Media Fund & TVO,production commences on app & website.• ‘I approached it exactly the way I would a film:hire the right contractors and play the role ofproject lead and director.’• ‘One has to be aware of the amount of contentyou need when you’re talking about a website &app.’• ‘Leave time to build the database and create in-depth content that engages & immerses.’
  11. 11. Extensions app&website•“I didn’t want to just put information on a site. Iwanted a multi-layered application that could workon all platforms.”•“In looking at the context of how the medium is beingused, it made much more sense to develop and build anative phone app that delivers a complete experience.”•While listings are free, retailers who want a feature storyon the site must agree to offer a free sample for anyonewho comes into the store and shows their Choco-locateapp. “Chocolatiers love it, because people are coming inand buying more,” Ms. Krishna says.•It’s simply a matter of building on what they have, Ms.Krishna says. “We already have the back end. We justneed to research the front.
  12. 12. Building Community socialmedialaunched sneak peakFacebook 19 May 2011 of documentary 11 August 2011social mediacreates conversation with fans, introduce fans to characters in the doc
  13. 13. Building Community socialmediasocial mediaplatform for teasers, promos, cross-linking between platforms & other projectssupport & extend community!
  14. 14. Building Community websitewebsite ‘create sense of anticipationAha! Helps to build audience for the documentary throughfor documentary social media’platform for conversation notfor watching theatre sneak peak of documentary 11 August 2011documentarydesign for interactivity!
  15. 15. Choco-LocateWebsite&App HaveyoursaySurveys stay in touch with fans, Comments on app recommendkeeps conversation active ChocolatiersGreat data mining for Community engagement inChocolatiers shared passion
  16. 16. Beta Launch July 2011 choco-locateappApp promotes documentaryShowcases Chocolatiers in different citiesFans can favourite shops and chocolatesEnables networked conversation within a community
  17. 17. Beta Launch July 2011 choco-locateappChocolate lovers can The app features weekly App geolocates Email your friends! City map! Find yourbrowse local shops by specials on chocolates Chocolatiers near you, chocolate!preference in your area Promotes Chocolatiers gives location & the Choco-locate appartisan, fair trade, raw,vegan & organic & links to Google Maps Win Win!
  18. 18. Pre-Broadcast markeTingblitz Chocolate chocolate everywhere....... Marketing efforts accelerated prior to the documentarys premiere. App and Website pushed through network of chocolate stores and brand evangelists to create a ripple effect. App and Website content pushed the doc. • Increased Twitter, Facebook and YouTube content with scenes or news about the documentary• Daily Blogs from Director and characters from doc. • Press reviews and profiles in print and online media retweeted and uploaded on website
  19. 19. SemisweetTvobroadcast record viewing numbers 229,000 ‘pretty sweet for a regional broadcast!’ lalita Krishna June 6 2012 premiere
  20. 20. fantasticpress!
  21. 21. Extending Community appgoesglobal2012evolving project future directedChoco-locate continues to Choco-locate nowlaunch in cities around the completely focused onworld. marketing & monetizingExtends audience fordocumentary
  22. 22. Building Communitypinterest
  23. 23. Choco-locate 7platformsBroadcast/documentary website mobile app youtubetwitter facebook Pinterest
  24. 24. Marketing &Monetizing themedeventsThemed events are anotherrevenue source for Choco-locate:eg. A chocolate & wine dinner...Choco-locate is the facilitatorfuture monetizing!The app can be re-skinned forother products... cheese, wine..The app functions as acustomizable platform for otherproducts with audiences & fancommunitiesThe app also provides ongoingmarketing
  25. 25. audiencemetrics Facebook Fan Page: 162 fans Twitter: 583 followers App Downloads: 2,261 Average Website Monthly Unique Visitors: 1,170 Average Monthly Page Views: 4,845
  26. 26. Choco-locate fundersdocumentary fundersdigital media funders
  27. 27. Choco-locatefunderstats
  28. 28. Choco-locate keyinsights lessons learned in app & WEb development•Find app developers you can work in •Use the right platform for its uniquepartnership with properties, ie. what it’s capable of doing•I need to give them the userexperience, I need to tell the story, •The tech should not drive the project•Tell a story of the user journey trying •Early suggestions, AR, games, wereto find chocolate not right•Key comment: ‘wouldn’t it be nice if I •Don’t just use website for cuttinghad an app for that?’ room edits, give website a unique purpose•Technology is important but it has tobe right for the project •‘I don’t take the doc & put it on my website or app. Clips on YouTube link to other platforms’ Lalita Krishna
  29. 29. Get in Touch contactus TMC Resource Kit tmcresourcekit.comChoco-locate Case Study was prepared by: Dr. Siobhan O’Flynn @Sioflynn
  30. 30. tmcrkpartners THANKS to...
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