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Leadership letters

  1. 1. Monday, March 12, 2012To Whom It May ConcernSince its inception in 2000, Birthright has sent nearly 300,000 Jewish young adults toIsrael. They come from 54 countries, all 50 U.S. states and Canadian provinces, and fromnearly 1,000 North American colleges and universities.As leaders of multiple Birthright trips each year, the OU is always interested in new waysto present fundamental Jewish topics to our students in a dynamic, non-threatening way.I am acquainted with Rabbi Dan Roth from his visits to the NCSY offices in New Yorkand am very impressed with his work.A Torah Live multimedia presentation on Jewish Leadership would be a great newaddition to our already jam-packed Birthright program.Our philosophy is to avoid frontal lectures with our groups since we find that discussiongroups are much more effective. If you can prepare the material so that it can be used as aspring board to spark group discussions on a variety of topics, which I am sure you can,then this will be very useful indeed.We look forward to seeing the product and putting it to use!David FelsenthalRabbi David FelsenthalDirector OU Alumni Connections / Data Serviceshttp://ncsyalumni.orghttp://jsu.orghttp://ou.org
  2. 2. January 16, 2012 (21 Tevet 5772)To Whom It May Concern:One of the underlying values we at Aish HaTorah strive to imbue ourstudents with is the feeling of responsibility to the Jewish nation.Each Jew is responsible one for another, and each is empowered toface the spiritual and physical challenges facing the Jewish people.This was one of the core principles of Rabbi Noach Weinberg, thefounder of the Yeshiva, and one that we invest a lot of time andenergy trying to develop in our students.It therefore comes as great news to myself and the entire Aish staffthat Torah Live is planning to develop a multimedia presentation onthe subject of “Leadership Qualities and Social Responsibility.”We have hosted a number of Torah Live videos and articles byRabbi Dan Roth on our website Aish.com, as well as several TorahLive presentations on our campus, and have found the feedback tobe excellent. Rabbi Roth has a rare ability to communicate ancientwisdom in a way that is exciting to the modern mind without dilutingits depth or authenticity.I would therefore be most interested in a leadership presentation touse in our organization, and - if it will really comes to fruition in RabbiRoth’s unique style – am sure that it will have use amongorganizations with Jewish values no matter what their level ofaffiliation.Sincerely,Eric CoopersmithCEO Aish International
  3. 3. 10th January 2012TORAH LIVE PRESENTATIONSTo whom it may concern Jewish Learning Exchange 152-154 Golders Green Road London NW11 8HELeadership training is gaining in popularity across the world. In the United Tel: 020 8458 4588States and Canada alone, more than two hundred universities have Fax: 020 8458 4587 jle@jle.org.ukestablished centers, courses and scholarships in this field. www.jle.org.ukThe challenge we have is translating this into a product for outreach. Howcan we get them involved in contributing to society? Jewish Learning Exchange Rabbi Danny Kirsch DirectorGolders Green Road 152-154 London NW11 8HE Rabbi Reuven StepskyHaving worked in outreach & education for over 20 years, I have found Director of8458 4588 Tel: 020 Education Fax: 020 8458 4587Torah Live to have a refreshing and powerful approach to inspire young jle@jle.org.uk Rabbi Aubrey Hersh www.jle.org.uk Projects Directorthinking Jews. Rabbi Chananya Silverman Operations ManagerFor JLE the Torah Live multimedia presentations on the topic of ‘leadership Rabbi Dr Akiva Tatz Rabbi Danny Kirschand social responsibility’ would provide us with tools that we vitally need Senior Lecturer Directorto inspire the hundreds of youngsters that come through our doors – both in Rabbi Reuven Stepsky Associate Directorour centre in London and on campus, and help us empower the next Rabbi Richard Jacobsgeneration. Director of Operations Rabbi Aaron Hersh Director of Educational Programmes Rabbi Dr Akiva Tatz A Service of Senior Lecturer Ohr Somayach Institutions International Campus 1 Ohr Somayach Street 22 Shimon Hatzaddik Street Ma’alot Dafna P.O.Box 18103 Jerusalem 91180Rabbi Aubrey Hersh IsraelSenior Lecturer & Projects Director at the JLE Tel: +972 2 581 0315 Fax: +972 2 581 2890 A Service of www.ohr.edu Ohr Somayach Institutions Reg. Charity Number International Campus 292886 1 Ohr Somayach Street 22 Shimon Hatzaddik Street Ma’alot Dafna P.O.Box 18103 Jerusalem 91180 Israel Tel: +972 2 581 0315 Fax: +972 2 581 2890 www.ohr.edu Reg. Charity Number 292886
  4. 4. January 30, 2012TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERNWe at JerusalemOnlineU.com understand the critical need to instill a sense of Jewishleadership and responsibility into the next generation in order to inspire, empower andconnect them to Judaism and the Jewish people.Professor Tal Shahar, who taught our online class Positive Psychology and Judaism andstars in our new PBS feature film Israel Inside: How a Small Nation Makes a Big Difference,used to teach the Psychology of Leadership at Harvard University, which was the thirdmost popular course at Harvard. Through our working with Tal, we have come to seehow the topic of leadership resonates with students, and also how it can be aninstrumental way to connect to unaffiliated Jews.As a close follower – and a big believer – in Torah Live and its ability to inspire youngthinking Jews, I recommend the production of aTorah Live multimedia presentation onthe topic of ‘leadership and social responsibility.’ It will be something that will make adifference in getting the iPad user to become a leader of the iGeneration.Yours sincerely,Rabbi Raphael ShoreFounder and CEO, JerusalemOnlineU.com
  5. 5.          To Whom It May Concern,   A Torah Live lecture on the topic of Jewish leadership would be a welcome addition to our Maimonides Leaders Fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania.  There are a large number of Penn students interested in this topic and I believe that it will be met with wide interest. From my experience most leaders are born that way and it is simply our job to attract them to our cause, however this could help get them through the door.   Thanks      Rabbi Shmuel Lynn Executive Director, Maimonides Leaders Fellowship     
  6. 6. 02/01/126 Teves 5772To whom it may concern,At Immanuel College we are very keen to teach about Jewish leadership and socialresponsibility, a topic for which we struggle to find appropriate teaching materials. Having amultimedia presentation, especially given the high standard Torah Live is known for, wouldbe of considerable benefit to our staff. I see it as best being used for our Sixth Form (age 16-18), some 140 students, who are at a crucial stage in life and on the verge of independence.Wishing you all the best,Eliezer Zobin.Rabbi Eliezer Zobin,Rosh Beit HaMidrash, Immanuel CollegeHead of Sixth Form Jewish Studiese: ezobin@immanuel.herts.sch.ukm: 07929 630813