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My stories 2 minnie


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My stories 2 minnie

  1. 1. My stories By Minnie
  2. 2. The day my mother brought a puppy…… One day after school , my mother came home with a white puppy . Its fur is as white as snow , its eyes are so cute. We named it snowy , snowy is not naughty but when it takes a bath it is very naughty like what all dogs hate. I love snowy!!
  3. 3. When I grow up I want to be a gemologist…… When I grow up , I want to be a gemologist , I could learn all about gems . I could even find gems, a lot of them . Being a gemologist is very interesting and wonderful.
  4. 4. Your not going to believe what happened !!!,….. Your not going to believe what happened!!!,a thief just stole my money when I was walking snowy! What am I going to do , maybe I will follow him . He went into a jewel store and he is stealing the most expensive diamond so I told the police to catch him and my money is back yeah!!!!!