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The Travel & Leisure Magazine Media Pack 2009


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This is the new media pack for The Travel & Leisure Magazine which is distributed around London and the M25.

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The Travel & Leisure Magazine Media Pack 2009

  1. 1. Media pack The Travel & Leisure Magazine is the ONLY Each edition is packed full of ideas on travel or holiday focused magazine that offers destinations to visit and explore, travel advertisers the unique opportunity to experiences to be enjoyed, and leisurely days specifically target and reach affluent and evenings to be planned – plus give-aways consumers living in and around London. and competitions.Variety is a key strength, We reach more readers than any other with ideas to suit all budgets and tastes.This competitive title aimed at this vital variety ensures that each edition is bound to demographic readership profile. offer something of interest for everyone.
  2. 2. The Travel & Leisure Magazine Media pack 2009 MAY/JUNE 2009 £2 where sold The Magazine Minimum 76 pages. i i Timeless wonder Full colour glossy & perfect bound. REYKJAVIK Cool – and affordable CALYPSO Minimum 60/40 edit – ads ratio. 5,000 promotional copies CRUISING ROCK STAR The Isle of Wight Caribbean island hopping Bi-Monthly frequency. at clubs and hotels TRAVELLING TEE TIME IN IN STYLE SCOTLAND Magical railway Perfect days in journeys the home of golf 3,000 WIN NEWFOUNDLAND distribution & circulation – Nature’s playground subscribers 2 #A week’s holiday for two worth £4,000 to currently 3,000 + paid subscriptions. Canada’s Newfoundland #£1,500 of Pride of Britain hotel vouchers PLUS: Steam Heritage Guide 2009 copies, Royal Albert Hall tours and more 45,000 promotional Minimum 50,000 free promotional copies copies delivered of each edition split between: to homes 45,000 FRee promotional copies hand delivered to affluent ABC 1 MARCH/APRIL 2009 £2 where sold households throughout Greater London and M25 commuter towns. FUNTASTIC FLORIDA Each edition is targeted at fresh locations, therefore ensuring A real family affair widespread annual coverage. AVON CALLING Shakespeare Country KENYA Away from it all safaris CUT TO THE CHASE Tornado hunters 5,000 FRee promotional copies available at airports, health & fitness CRUISING clubs and high-grade central London Hotels. WIN Head for the Med LONDON MARRAKECH Theatres in focus A city with souks appeal #A week’s holiday for two in a luxury Marrakech riad #A seven-night Continental camping trip PLUS: Time Out guides, Billy Connolly DVDs, Rough Guides, riding lessons and more current readership of each edition in excess of 150,000 aBc 1 consumers. digital edition As well as appearing within the physical magazine, your advertisement will also run in our on-line interactive digital edition, where readers can read through the magazine, and click directly through to your website to find out more about your service or products. The digital editions of the magazine are now offered to all readers with a 50% discount from the usual subscription charge. A minimum additional 20,000 sample digital editions are e-mailed to our database made up primarily of previous competition entries, updating them with a recent edition and inviting them to subscribe for future editions.