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Situated at the heart of South-West France, this land-locked department is home to spectacular sites and monuments which provide endless opportunities for cultural discovery - the local way of life, prehistoric remains, charming villages, delightful scenery and famous castles, as well as a feast for the senses...
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Choice Villas & Apartments The Dordogne,Aquitaine Feature

  1. 1. Choice Holidays Situated at the heart of South-West France, this land-locked department (département) is home to spectacular sites and monuments which provide endless opportunities for cultural discovery – the local way of life, prehistoric remains, charming villages, delightful scenery and famous castles, as well as a feast La Roque Gagea for the senses... c ©CRTA 1 J-J. Brochard T Grand Roc Les Eyzies ©CRTA 1 J-J. Brochard he subtle differences in the relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. Dordogne landscapes are The Périgord has championed the development of highlighted by four different high-quality, rural-based tourism, including the creation colours… Green, extending in a of a protected Parc Naturel Régional. crescent across the north of the Traditional cuisine is based on time-honoured local department, encompasses the recipes and produce, such as chestnuts, walnuts and verdant vegetation (even in the cep mushrooms in the autumn, and strawberries in driest of summers) of the area of April, in addition to the renowned truffles and foie Nontron and Dronne Valley and gras, perhaps bought from a farmer at a duck and includes the protected land of the goose market (marché au gras) in winter. Parc Naturel Régional Périgord A visit to the markets in Sarlat or Périgueux offers a Limousin. White, in the central fascinating insight into the value attached to the part of the department and treasures of its soil, and their symbolic role in the life covering Périgueux and the Vallée of the Dordogne and its inhabitants. de l’Isle, is criss-crossed by the Auvézère and Perigueux, the capital of the Perigord has over Isle rivers, and is so-named as a result of the 2000 years of history: from the ancient Gallo-Roman chalky soils which bestow a white appearance city of Vesunna to the Renaissance period and the to the stone in this area. The colour Purple Cathedral of Saint-Front (classified as a UNESCO covers the south-west of the department, World Heritage Site, the cathedral is an important including the Bergerac area, an area famous stage on the St James of Compostella Pilgrim’s Way). for its wines, and the fascinating bastides or A total of 39 buildings are classed as Historical "new towns" built during the Middle Ages to Monuments in what is one of the largest conservation a well-ordered street pattern. Black, areas in France (56.25 acres). extending across the south-east of the The International Mime Festival, nocturnal markets, Dordogne, and including the Sarlat area, is the International Show room of the Greedy Book and distinguishable by its forests of holm oak the International Baroque Music Festival, all help to and limestone plateaux (causses) which make Perigueux the cultural centre of the Perigord. extend into the Quercy. This area is home The Bergerac region "a bounty of pleasure" in the to the world-renowned prehistoric sites of the Vézère and Dordogne valleys. A visit to this unique region takes you back in time to discover and explore the fascinating past through the many sites and attractions dating from numerous periods in the Dordogne’s illustrious history. The luxuriant natural Hautefort ©CRTA 1 J-J. Brochard landscapes extend throughout the department, providing Further information countless opportunities for Dordogne Tourism nature-lovers to enjoy a Tel : 00.33.553.35.50.24 Fax : 00.33.553.09.51.41 whole range of outdoor activities (swimming, fishing, E-mail : canoeing, cycling…) or just Web: 8 Choice Villas & Apartments April 2009
  2. 2. The Dordogne, Aquitaine South West of Périgord, is the town of Cyrano, Bergerac, with its historical district, narrow Local Handicraft medieval streets and Renaissance houses. Nontron knives, distinguishable Next, a visit to the prestigious Monbazillac, by their boxwood handles Lanquais and Biron castles lead you to the edge of decorated with the famous the Bastide region where the delightful architecture inverted "V", are produced using of Monpazier, Beaumont and Issigeac awaits. the clear waters of the River Monbazillac, is also a delicious nectar and a Bandiat, abundant wood from the crucial compliment to foie gras, which belongs to surrounding area and iron ore the family of Bergerac wines of which there are 13 used by local forges. In Nontron’s knife workshop, visitors can learn appellations. Begin to discover these regional wines about the various stages of at Recollets Cloister where a hundred and thirty production required to vintners are ready to welcome you and share their manufacture the oldest pocket Perigueux Escalier ©E.Martin – OT de Périgueux passion of their craft. knives in France. Sarlat, the jewel in the crown of the Périgord Charentais slippers, which Noir is one of the most famous towns for were originally made from pieces medieval art and history in France and has the of used or unwanted felt highest number of listed buildings per square metre discarded by local felt-paper in Europe. workshops in the 18C and 19C. Another of the Périgord Noir's world famous Traditional crafts which used sights is the renowned prehistoric cave at Lascaux. the wood and fruit of the sweet Since its discovery in 1940, the cave has been chestnut. The work of the nicknamed the Prehistoric Sistine Chapel. Today, the "feuillardiers", whose task was to site of Lascaux II is home to an exact replica of the provide chestnut for the barrel- original paintings created by our ancestors. hopping industry, has given rise to the name of an area known as Le Dordogne in Aquitaine: A magical place to visit. Pays des Feuillardiers. Other related artisan industries Sarlat Porte ©CRTA 1 J-J. Brochard include wickerwork and sweet chestnut cakes. Castelnaud Beynac ©CRTA 1 J-J. Brochard
  3. 3. Dordogne 10 Choice Villas & Apartments April 2009 Please quote CVA when replying to ads