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Choice Villas & Apartments Menorca Feature


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Menorca is the second largest of the
Balearic Islands and can sometimes be
over-shadowed by big sister Mallorca, yet it’s
sheer beauty and the simple harmony of the
island is second to none. Visitors will be
pleasantly surprised.
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Choice Villas & Apartments Menorca Feature

  1. 1. Choice Holidays Saint Guilh em le Dés Menorca is the second largest of the ©Bernard ert Liegeois Balearic Islands and can sometimes be over-shadowed by big sister Mallorca, yet it’s sheer beauty and the simple harmony of the island is second to none. Visitors will be pleasantly surprised. overing 702 square kilometers with 216 Some examples C kilometres of coastline and despite being a fairly flat island with no great mountains, Menorca has many natural treasures of this diverse craftsmanship are master and a variety of landscapes which include lagoons, woodworkers marshes, small springs and smooth hills. of farming tools, fashion The natural variety of the island is extremely jewellers, pottery, blacksmiths, cheese makers wide and a real treasure with deep gorges starting and boat makers of llauts (menorcan vessels). from the insides of the island and winding their way towards the southern coast. These ravines are enorca offers the most natural way of experiencing authentic, holding a variety of flora with 220 species, which cohabit, with the remains of mares stone quarries and prehistoric constructions. M sport – the island is lined across with countless country paths to discover. These can be enjoyed by walking along established routes or by bike, taking advantage Marine species of special interest are those found in of its flatness or experiencing an exciting feeling of freedom the more than ten underwater caves which aren't on horseback along the coastline. The "Cami de Cavalls" (a found anywhere else. As well as these underwater path originally created to take by horseback which caves, Menorca bears over fifty inland caves to surrounds the island) is recommended in order to capture explore. the charm of the Menorcan coastline as it follows the island's entire outline. Menorca is extremely cultural and it’s passion is The sea breeze helps to create the best atmosphere to particularly expressed with the Sant Joan festivities, fight back the heat and enjoy the fresh air and all excursions where the Menorcan horse breed becomes the allow for some common stops – the many coves and one and only protagonist, as well as the variety of beaches where to recover and refresh in the privileged handicraft created by the most skilled hands of waters. The Camí d'en Kane, made during the British the island or the expressiveness of its atavistic dominion, is an appropriate route for two wheelers, which folk jigs. offers the opportunity to get together with the essence of Menorca has always been the birthplace of the old rural scenery. different artistic personalities. The continuous Known as the Island of wind, Menorca is great for sailing exposure to such beauty of the island has and windsurfing. A number of companies rent out different inspired writers, painters and sculptors, as well kinds of vessels or offer excursions to any of the beautiful as musicians; a unique muse for its best beaches where you can enjoy a wonderful dip in the symphonies. Mediterranean or a dive into its depths. If you practise Local festivities are celebrated during the scuba-diving in Menorca you will fall in love with its summer throughout the different towns and transparent waters. Its sea bottoms are an enchanting forest such events are the best proof of the of unique plants and marine species, caves, light effects and traditional Menorcan shipwrecks. Diving in the Protected Area at the north of the Collioure customs. The boat, island is a real underwater adventure where lobsters and Small fishing ul Palau/CRT starting point of © Pa basses can be seen as they move about freely. these festivities, and After so many thrills, you can relax with a game of golf considered the with the advantage being the climate, which allows for play most popular, are at any time of the year. By being located close to the sea held in Ciutadella and surrounded by nature, golf can be played within an between the 23rd incomparably quiet scenery. and 24th of June. Menorcan ost towns host handicraft markets every week, craftsmanship, includes an authentic and M where real handmade works of art are exhibited. A ritual not to be missed is a walk through the stalls at Calas Fonts, Fornells or the Ciutadella Port; idyllic variable form of sceneries next to the sea where you can feel a special modeling beauty. atmosphere.
  2. 2. Menorca The town centres and main tourist centres are packed with exclusive shops where you can purchase the latest models of concerts at unbelievable sceneries Useful info clothing and footwear. Shoe manufacturing in Menorca is still such as a stone- very important, as it has been in the past. quarry. Or feel the Average An nu Search for your own paradise near the sea at the island's beat within an Temperature al exquisite restaurants and taste the freshest products impressive cave (guide only) 18.4°C withdrawn from the Mediterranean. There is no other moment rebuilt into a disco, better than this to enjoy the calm roll of the sea on a terrace hanging over a Currency Euro (currency con while trying to discover the ingredients of the Caldereta de breathtaking cliff on verter) Langosta (lobster stew): the island’s best held secret. The the coast, where the Official Lan Menorcan cooking is a rich traditional expression which has trendiest DJ’s meet Catalan and guages Castilian Sp anish passed on from parents to children, a wise combination of or dance until ingredients offered by the island's fertile soil and recipes that sunrise at any of Further info www.illesba lear have adapted to modern proposals without losing a speck of the terraces along www.visitmen its taste. the ports of Maó or Ciutadella. Getting there EasyJet www. enorca hides many secrets. It is said that the strong If you prefer M gusts of tramontana wind soak the grazing fields with sea salt. This is why the cattle are so fond of it and explains why the cheese has that special bouquet. The original peace and quiet, you can also enjoy an authentic Menorcan cheese of Menorca is night at one of the fishermen caves at Cala Corb, one of the most listening to traditional sailor's songs accompanied by the appreciated in the captain's guitar who is willing to let anyone play it and share world. his artistic knowledge. Menorca is also open to entertainment. Enjoy magical nights at Visit Menorca and delight your senses! Canal du Midi, Le Somail ©Paul Palau/CRT Carcassonne view ©R. Nourry/CRT
  3. 3. Menorca 8 Choice Villas & Apartments April 2008 Please quote CVA when replying to ads