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With coasts on three seas, magnificent cities and idyllic rural areas each with its own distinctive character you could have a hundred different holidays in France.

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Choice Villas & Apartments France

  1. 1. Canoes on the Dordogne near the village of La Rogue Gajeac, Aquitaine, South West France. © ATOUT FRANCE/Jean Malburet FranceWith coasts on three seas, magnificent cities and idyllic rural areas each with its own distinctive character you could have a hundred different holidays in France.
  2. 2. FRANCE IS A COUNTRY RICH IN RURAL CHARM AND UNFORGETTABLE PLACES, ROLLING VINEYARDS, PRETTY CHÂTEAUX AND THE WILD ATLANTIC COAST. The east has medieval charm and splendour, half-timbered towns and magnificent cathedrals, while further south lie the mountains of the Jura and Savoy and the glitz of the Côte d’Azur. The interior offers unspoilt landscapes such as the ever-popular Dordogne and then there are cities like Paris, Lyon, Marseilles and many others, all beautiful and distinctive. The SOUTH-WEST of France enjoys the lakes and rivers of Limousin, the golden sandy beaches, rolling Bordeaux vineyards and beautiful castles of Aquitaine, and the rich cultural heritage and diverse landscape of the Midi-Pyrénées. The Poitou-Charentes region has a magnificent coastline and is linked to the superb, refined and locally produced spirit of Cognag and is one of the finest destinations for countryside holidays. See SOUTH-EAST France at it’s natural best in Auvergne with it’s abundance of green mountains and wild gorges, shaped by the volcanic activity that took place over 30 million years ago. The Rhône-Alps are famous for snowy peaks, hiking and winter- sports and the Rhône River runs straight from the glacier, south through France towards the sunny Mediterranean. Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence Alps and Côte d’Azur have miles of sandy beaches resting against the Mediterranean Sea and charming villages, sparkling marinas and the romantic hill-top towns and magical sunshine of the Riviera. Corsica is a green island with pine forests and emerald mountain lakes, not to mention miles of luxurious beaches. Easily accessible from the UK, the NORTH-EAST of France is home to Calais and the major town of Lille with TGV Paris, Brussels and London rail connections. From France’s historical beginnings in Picardy to the romance of Paris and the splendour of the Champagne region, this area of France is full of charm and beauty. Lorraine is at the border of Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany and Alsace is renowned for geranium-filled villages and its medieval capital of Strasbourg. And of course there is Burgundy, famous for its fine wines, and the natural beauty of Franche-Comté. The NORTH-WEST is home to Brittany, at the westernmost tip of France, a region with ancient countryside, quiet beaches and small fishing villages. Normandy is fantastic for families from the seaside coasts to child-friendly activities and the Loire Valley has charming towns, lush gardens and numerous museums and cathedrals. The north west is perfect for all kinds of pastimes like cycling, canoeing, and hot-air ballooning and the Western Loire stretches along the Atlantic Ocean, just below Brittany and is a scenic region with 30 miles of coast and 250 miles of waterways. Choice Villas & Apartments 2010 29 Corsica is a well-preserved island with two thirds of its surface being a Regional Natural Park The beach at Carnac, a town famous for its megalithic alignments. Brittany, North West France ©ATOUT FRANCE/Michel Angot
  3. 3. Fact file CORSICA is a prized destination for gourmets. Don’t miss the Figalellu (lightly smoked liver sausage), Coppa Ham, Canistrelli (lemon biscuits) with chestnuts and Casgiu Merzu: a “dancing” goats cheese swarming with small live white worms (asticots)! The JEWELS OF THE BASQUE COAST is an uninterrupted 27km hike along the Atlantic coastline from Biarritz to Hendaye. Walk through wild heathland and narrow Basque streets with the Rhune mountains on the French side and the Trois Couvonnes (three crowns) peak across the border in Spain. France has almost 2000km of BEACHES spread across 200 resorts. Whether along the English Channel, the Atlantic or the Mediterranean, they all have their own individual style ranging from sandy, pebble, secret coves or invigorating waves and tides. France’s CLIMATE is divided into four climatic zones: The South of France enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and very hot summers. The North, Paris and Central regions have an intermediate climate with cold winters and hot summers. Alsace, Lorraine and along the Rhone corridor and in the Alps, Pyrenees and Massif Central, the climate is semi-continental with harsh winters and hot summers. In the west from Bayonne to Lille, the oceanic and humid climate give cooler summers. Tourist Office Tel: 09068 244 123 (60p min) Official language French Average temperatures (July) Nice 23ºC Paris 19ºC Montpellier 23ºC Lyon 20ºC Currency Euro Local time GMT+1 (end Mar–end Oct GMT+2) Average flying time Approx 11/2 hours Did you know? The maximum distances in France are: North–South: Dunkirk to Paris-de- Malo, 973km; East–West: Lauterbourg to Pointe de Corsen, 945.5km; North-west–South-east: Pointe de Corsen to Menton, 1082km. The French Motorail allows you to take your car to the south of France, saving you the drive. Your car is loaded onto special transporter carriages whilst you relax in the passenger carriages. Services operate to Brives, Toulouse, Narbonne, Avignon and Nice. Septmonts, Picardy, North East France ©ATOUT FRANCE/CRT Picardie/Claude Jacquot Along the Orne, viaduct and countryside on the outskirts of Clécy, Normandy, North West France. © ATOUT FRANCE/CDT Calvados Albigny beach, Lake Annecy, Rhône-Alpes, South East France ©ATOUT FRANCE/Jean-François Tripelon-Jarry Choice Villas & Apartments 201030
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