Ticonderoga & bunker hill


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Ticonderoga & bunker hill

  1. 1. Ticonderoga (May, 1775) • Benedict Arnold & Ethan Allen go to British fort to steal/capture cannons. • Cannons for Boston • 1st offensive attack on crown • Ethan Allen takes the credit/doesn’t give Benedict Arnold any credit. • Green Mountain Boys (Ethan Allen’s troops)
  2. 2. Second Continental Congress May 1775  56 delegates back to Philadelphia  1. John Hancock—President of Congress (wearing uniform)  Wants to be commander of the army.  2. Who will they select to lead the army?  Why?  3. Write the “Olive Branch Petition” to King.  4. August: King ignores the petition.
  3. 3. Battle of Bunker Hill (June 1775) • Militia have control of Bunker and Breed’s Hill across from Boston Harbor. • Patriots low on ammunition. “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.” • British attack 3 times before taking hill.
  4. 4. Bunker Hill Continued • British take the hills, however, the colonists had killed more men. Over 1,000 British soldiers were dead or wounded. 400 colonists were dead or wounded. • The colonists had won a victory of confidence and pride. The British never again underestimated the patriot’s bravery and marksmanship.