Powerpoint technology in the k 12 classroom inst 6031


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Powerpoint technology in the k 12 classroom inst 6031

  1. 1. Using Technology toFacilitate Instruction in the K-12 Classroom
  2. 2. Today’s Classroom is Changing to Accommodate Today’s Learners in a High Tech WorldThe types of technology used today in the classroom is constantlychanging to keep learners ready to succeed in todays world.Students are given the advantages of having the latest technologiesand devices at hand. Some of the new technologies seen in today’sclassroom are: - Computers - Laptops - Interactive Whiteboards and SmartBoards - Tablets
  3. 3. Computers:Computers in todays schools have greatly changed the wayinstruction is delivered. - Computer Labs: Most schools today have a computer lab that allows teachers to schedule a weekly time to take their entire class to computer instruction. These labs are designed to allow each student to work at a computer at the same time. This is a great way to introduce new skills and activities. - Computer Stations in the Classroom: Today’s classrooms have from one to five computers in each classroom for students to use at designated times.
  4. 4. Laptops:Laptops offer students most of the things a computer labprovides at the convenience of the teachers classroom orother designated area. This allows teachers moreflexibility in their schedule. The number of schools thatprovide both computer lab and portable laptop lab isincreasing quickly. Another great feature is that this allows any research found during a search to be saved and stored on a flash drive for later work.
  5. 5. Interactive Whiteboards and SmartBoards: a Great use of Technology in the K-12 Classroom Interactive Whiteboards and SmartBoards have made a huge impact of what the teacher can do in the classroom. It gives the option of turning any regular whiteboard into a interactive hands on activity. The Whiteboard isSmart Board turned into a type of touch screen that is operated by a special pen or stylus to remotely control a computer.
  6. 6. Tablets:The number of Tablets used in today’s classrooms is also on therise. This takes todays latest technologies and puts them instudents hands or even pockets. Some of the most common usedtablets used in the classroom today are:- iPad- iPhones (mostly for secondary education),- iTouch- Nook- Kindle.
  7. 7. iPad: iPad: gives users all the capabilities of a computer in your hand. There are no cords or outlets required (unless to charge the battery). The iPad allows internet searches, e-mail access, note taking, as well as access to any application downloaded to the device. This photo shows the iPad homescreen.
  8. 8. iPhone: iPhone: it’s internet capability and small size, allows users to search any topic at any location. The iPhone owners also have to option of purchasing educational software applications that can be accessed at anytime or location as well. This photo shows the results of a technology search done on the internet.
  9. 9. Nook Color:Nook color: This tablet allows users to store a library of books andgames. What a great way to be able to take all your favorite books alongon one small tablet. This picture shows an e-book reading applicationwhich allow you to choose “Read to Me” or “Read by Myself” . Readersin the classroom can watch highlighted text as the author reads the storyaloud. This is great for beginning readers as they learn tracking skills.This is also an asset for ELS students as they can hear the pronunciationof the words on the screen.
  10. 10. KindleKindle Fire: Like the Nook Color, the KindleFire also holds a library or books and games.This tablet has a library tab that allows you toflip through the books on your shelf. With somany wonderful educational applicationsavailable, this tablet would be a great workstation in the classroom. This photo showsShape Puzzle Game
  11. 11. Benefits to Using Technology in the K-12 Classroom- It allows internet access at your fingertips for research and projects- It allows self motivated reading with e-books- It allows the enhancement of various skills- It allows self fluency for ESL learners- It allows teachers, students, and parents to communicate through class e-mail and blogs- It allows teachers to download the latest applications to be used in large or small groups with Interactive Whiteboards or SmartBoards- It allows students to (at times) be the facilitator of their own learning- And so much more…..