Jeanna strickland constructivism


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Jeanna strickland constructivism

  1. 1. Jeanna S.
  2. 2. Menu Points of Constructivism Theorists John Dewey Classroom Implications How does Constructivism affect teaching?
  3. 3. Problem Hands-on Solving Experimentation Constructivism is characterized by Concept LogicalDevelopment Reasoning
  4. 4. Authentic Engaged/Active Learning Learning Constructivism is characterized by Whole Language SociallyApproach to Literacy Constructed
  5. 5. Leaders of Constructivism archives/2005/Nov/html/col-oer/piaget.html jeromebutler.htmlJean Piaget Jerome Bruner
  6. 6. Leaders of Constructivism Vygotsky John Dewey
  7. 7. Progressive Education JohnEducator Philosopher Dewey Psychologist
  8. 8. Social CriticWorld John PhilanthropistPeace Dewey Political Activist
  9. 9. Teachers must… Scaffold Construct knowledge through experiments Not give answers, but allow students to think for themselves Help students rethink their ideas by asking questions they wouldn’t think of on their own Immerse students in a language rich environment
  10. 10. Students must… Experiment- hands-on Encounter: Problem Based Learning Anchored Instruction Cognitive apprenticeship  Scaffolding
  11. 11. Constructivism is important in my teaching Constructivism, Cognitive, and Behavioral Learning Theories are all very important Constructivism will be how my students will acquire and retain knowledge
  12. 12. Constructivism is important in my teaching As a teacher, I must understand how children gain meaningful and productive knowledge that can be applied to new situations I cannot transmit knowledge to my students directly Information must be mentally acted on, manipulated and transformed in order to have meaning for the learner