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Banff Western Connection Blogging Panel...Richard Silver, Kelley Skar and Teri Conrad's main tricks, tools and tips!

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Blogging panel

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Scott Stratten ~ UnmarketingDon’t spread MEH ~ Spread AWESOME!!
  4. 4. Banff Western Connection January 29th, 2011 Richard Silver, Salesperson/Blogger @richardsilver
  5. 5. Licensed Since 1980 Richard Silver, ABR is a top-ranked Salesperson, an early adopter of Technology, Web 2.0 and presently sits as President-Elect with the Toronto Real Estate Board. He is a past-member of the MLS and Technology Council at the Canadian Real Estate Association and sits on the REBAC Advisory Council at the National Association of REALTORS®. Website:, Blog:, Breaking News: Follow on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  6. 6. Times have changed….
  7. 7. My Social Media World
  8. 8. What were my excuses? I am too old… I don’t know how…it looks complicated. I am too busy working…I don’t have time. My clients are not on Social Media… What would I write about? I am not a writer… Which format should I use? Wordpress? Blogger?
  9. 9. My reasoning… I am never too old to learn. 61 is not old if I plan to live to 100! 40 more years of changes to come! Yippee! I was already spending 25% of my day marketing my services…How many times can I answer ”When is the best time to sell, Richard?” The largest growing demographic in Social Media is similar to the one buying homes…Women ages 35-64. If I am asked a question twice…shouldn’t it be a Blog?
  10. 10. More reasons… I want to work with people I know or who know me…I write the way I speak, I try to be original and transparent. I want my clients to know the services that I provide for the fees that I charge. My costs were too high and the bottom line was not as good as it is today. I was tired of traditional advertising to 100% to try to attract the 1% that were buying or selling.
  11. 11. The best reasons… I wanted to be viewed as in tune with Today’s changing markets. It is always time to reinvent! I want my clients to tell their friends about my services. I believe in referrals “Friends of Friends Marketing”: Giving dynamite information that people want to pass on to others and so on and so on….
  12. 12. But most important…I want to be viewed as the “Source of the Source”.
  13. 13. Check out my Blog
  14. 14. “Ladies and Gentlemen...Welcome to my Show”
  15. 15. “Because EVERYBODY has an audience now, thegame is changing dramatically. The fact of thematter is...Everybody has a Voice”@GaryVee...SXSW 2010
  16. 16. Showing my colleagues and friends my new direction
  17. 17. ... and this was their reaction!
  18. 18. Go Pro? Or DIY?Professional DIY
  19. 19. My Three C’s of Blogging and Vlogging Commitment Consistency Content
  20. 20. My Top Three Blog and Vlog nwcalgaryliving.comWhere I write My Video Blogs Neighbourhood Blog/Vlog
  21. 21. The more things change....the more they stay the same!
  22. 22. LET’S CONNECT @kelleyskar