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Wasabi Ventures Academy: Becoming an Authority in an Industry


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One of the largest things that a startup founder struggles with is getting attention for their venture. Nothing gets more attention than being an authority figure in the vertical that you are attacking. This is a practical guide to building credibility by creating compelling content and engaging with the community.

It will cover everything from education to social media and the ways that they can be used in the startup environment.

This class is useful no matter which of the three avenues (analyst, marketing coordinator, or EiR) you are thinking of applying for.

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Wasabi Ventures Academy: Becoming an Authority in an Industry

  1. 1. Becoming an Authority: How to act like an expert An Innovative And Dynamic Approach To Venture Capital And Incubation
  2. 2. What Makes Someone An Authority? @wasabiventures “I know nothing about the subject, but I’m happy to give you my expert opinion.”
  3. 3. Authority Is About Content And Credibility We decide what information to trust based on both factors • You build credibility over time, based on your actions • Increasingly, your content is judged on its own merits • If you keep putting out good content, you build credibility Paul Graham’s posts top Hacker News, but so do random “nobodies” • You can be that random nobody! • You just have to have a nose for creating compelling content @wasabiventures
  4. 4. You Don’t Need Experience To Be An Authority Write a roundup of a rapidly changing topic @wasabiventures Etc. Interview someone from the space Write a “Beginner’s Guide To…” Boil down a complex topic to easily digestible bullets
  5. 5. Creating Compelling Content @wasabiventures Develop a feel for the conversation Know your audience, and what works for them Practice makes perfect— post early, post often 1 2 Popurls Hacker News Daily Techmeme 3
  6. 6. Let Search And Social Do The Work For You Search and Social change the way information spreads @wasabiventures Make something people are looking for Create relevant, useful content (“How To”) Search Make something people will want to share Create timely, remarkable, shareable content (“WTF”) Social
  7. 7. A Peek Behind The Curtain @wasabiventures
  8. 8. Where Did That Traffic Come From? @wasabiventures
  9. 9. Exploit The Content By Encouraging Sharing Post your pieces to Twitter and Hacker News @wasabiventures 1 2 By generating impressions, you build your credibility And if you get people to follow you on Twitter, you can now DM them Reply to comments on your blog, to replies on Twitter, and to the thread on Hacker News 3
  10. 10. @wasabiventures If you are interested or know some interested in the Wasabi Ventures Academy, email