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Hello my name is...


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Hello my name is...

  1. 1. What Google will say about me in 10 years…. • I will have my bachelors in exercise science • I might also go and get my masters but that depends on if a job opens up after I only have my bachelors • I will have my own physical therapy business near my house • I will be on the snowboard team for what ever mountain is close enough Tyler Anderson
  2. 2. What Google will not say… • I am Inspiring – when I succeed it pushes other to follow • I am creative – I like to think out side of the box and come up with ideas when other people are stuck • I am hardworking - if I want to find something out then there is nothing that can get in my way to find the answer • I am intelligent - I get good grades and I work hard but a lot of thing come easy to me like certain subjects in math • I see my self as someone who wants success and will do as much as he thinks is possible • I want- to become a person who does not want to take anything for granted
  3. 3. • My strengths are in the math and health science classes • I’m hardworking and ill do whatever it takes to get what I want
  4. 4. • Writing essays • procrastinating • study habits
  5. 5. • the class Kinesiology • snowboarding • succeeding • getting good grades
  6. 6. • English class • week days • work at a fast fo place for the rest my life