The Guzman Monthly, May 2014, v1 i5


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In this publication I will collect and list some recent articles on higher education issues, online learning best practices, deliver some app suggestions and links to interesting videos on the web published in the past month. Planned release schedule is between the last week of the past month and first full week of the current month.

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The Guzman Monthly, May 2014, v1 i5

  1. 1. The Guzman Monthly May 2014 | Volume 1, Issue 5
  2. 2. Index • Welcome • About the author • News • Apps & Tools (2 slides) • Online Learning • MOOCs • Student Learning (3 slides) • Upcoming Movie & TV Trailers
  3. 3. Welcome to this issue of “The Guzman Monthly”. In this publication I will collect and list some recent articles on higher education issues, online learning best practices, deliver some app suggestions* and links to interesting videos on the web published in the past month. Planned release schedule is between the last week of the past month and the first full week of the current month. * Suggestions on apps will mainly be based on my exposure or research of said apps on iOS mobile devices. Feel free to suggest other apps for my review. My intention is to have the apps be similar in functionality each month.
  4. 4. My name is Tony Guzman and I serve as the Director of Online Programs at the University at Buffalo (UB) School of Social Work (SSW). Shameless plug: I also oversee the UB SSW Podcast series: inSocialWork®. Feel free to listen to some of our podcasts.
  5. 5. News Google will stop scanning student emails for ad purposes. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt now owns Channel One News. Interesting move and one to follow and see how it plays out in the long run. U. of Maryland replaces the original supercomputer, Deepthought, with Deepthought2 which has the power of 10,000 laptops. power-of-10000-laptops.aspx What will be the disruptive technologies of the next decade? that-will-impact-us-the-most-in-the-next-decade Microsoft unveils their next-gen Surface Tablet. processors.aspx
  6. 6. Apps & Tools What support systems do your adjuncts need? While this study was conducted at community colleges in Oklahoma, results may be similar in your area. need/ Nice enhancement to MS PowerPoint to help faculty add audio, video, polls and even quizzes into their presentations! powerpoint-presentations-into-online-interactive-lessons.aspx Adobe releases a Voice App on the iPad. for-ipad.aspx Great tips on how to properly manage your email inbox. email-inbox/
  7. 7. Apps & Tools (cont.) Google adding a free LMS into their Google Apps for Education suite. Signups available for K-12 and Higher education faculty and a separate one for developers. LMS-as-Part-of-Apps-for-Education.aspx?Page=1 A USC professor is already creating new courses based on Google Glass. with-google-glass.aspx BYU team of researchers look to help deaf students by tweaking Google Glasses. researchers-develop-google-glass-system-to-assist-deaf-students.aspx
  8. 8. Online Learning USC looks to offer its first online doctorate program in its School of Education. degree.aspx How self-determination theory can help your online students in your courses. online-learner-motivation/ Eastern University looking to implement Ellucian tools to boost the overall student experience. Promoting Students’ Self-Efficacy in the Online Classroom. classroom/ State University System of Florida and Florida College System the Distance Learning Course and Degree Program Catalog for the states public colleges and universities. course-catalog.aspx
  9. 9. MOOCs edX chooses VitalSource as their eBook publisher. /edx-implementing-vital-source-etextbook- platform.aspx What is next for 2U now that Semester Online closes down in August? /2us-next-chapter-following-the-demise-of- semester-online.aspx
  10. 10. Student Learning Where do you land on “learning styles”? How do you define “teaching effectiveness”? teachers-students/ Have you evaluated your faculty development program lately? program-evaluation-plan/ Great tips on how to deal with student excuses within your course. The challenge of teaching a totally new concept to someone as seen from the joy of learning how to knit. learning-something-new/
  11. 11. Student Learning (cont.) Allowing your last day of class to have the same level of importance as the first day of class. component/ Lessons learnt from a bad teaching day. I agree with this article. From my personal experience, rereading has not usually helped me comprehend any more than quizzing myself on the material. It would be good to tie this study with Mastery Learning. Benefits of implementing active learning within your course versus traditional lecture model. with-active-learning.aspx What introductory undergraduate course is the public face of your field? Does it do justice to your field? face-field/
  12. 12. Student Learning (cont.2) Do you use badges in your classroom? It can help motivate your students along their learning journey. badges-classroom-motivate-learning/ Putting the consumer model in the right perspective for higher education. consumerism-using-students-assumptions-challenge-thinking/ U. of Iowa combines student support units under one umbrella unit. units-in-office-of-teaching-learning-and-technology.aspx Preparing to ask the right questions in class. questions/
  13. 13. Upcoming Movie & TV Trailers Edge of Tomorrow, Release Date: 6/6/2014 Falling Skies Season 4, Release Date: 6/22/2014 Full Favorite Trailer playlist on my YouTube channel kEs3McWG18x5UmIcSsVhNjq0
  14. 14. Thanks for checking this monthly newsletter out and hope to see around again next time!