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Briefing marketing & comunicación


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Plantilla de briefing para proyectos de mktg & comunicación.

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Briefing marketing & comunicación

  1. 1. Marketing Communication Brief Project Name: XXXXXXX Brand: XXXX Owner: XXXXXX Version: 1.1 Date issue: 15/04/2010 Project Description: 1- Background 2- Deliverables 3- Start of activity Project Background: 1- Market environment 2- Brand in-market evolution 3- Business objectives 4- KPI’s a. Brand awareness b. Penetración Marca Communication: 1- Communication objectives 2- Target consumer a. General brand target b. Core target 3- Brand equity 4- Brand character 5- Brand values 6- Mandatories Consumer insights: 1- What are the relevant consumer insights that you want to leverage? 2- What is consumer doing or thinking today that you want to change? 3- What do you expect consumer to think or do after being exposed to the communication element? Work Flow • Brand Proposal • Decision Timings: • Briefing Delivering: 19/06/09 • Contra – Briefing & first proposal approaches: 15/07/09 • Decision Time • Start Activity: 01/01/10 Budget: • Between (XXX.000 / XXX.000 euros) Attachments: 1- Brand equity 2- Product description 3- (…) Approver: Date: Pag 1/1