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10 Things I´Ve Learned From Running


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personal thoughts just when I 'm running

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10 Things I´Ve Learned From Running

  1. 10 things I´ve learned from running.
  2. I run with my head, not my shoes. 1
  3. I need to have goals & objectives to improve myself. 2
  4. Each step is as much important as the one before. 3
  5. Never pospone a run or you will regret it. 4
  6. Music empower your rithm but the rithm is your breath. 5
  7. There is always someone faster than you. Keep running. 6
  8. Strech is the best painless method. 7
  9. You allways run alone. But to have friends that run is fun. 8
  10. There is never a short cut. 9
  11. Running means health. But obsession with health is not healthy. 10