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Global Software as a Service (SaaS) Market Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2025


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The Insight Partners added new research report “Software as a Service (SaaS) Market to 2025 - Global Analysis and Forecasts by Cloud Deployment Model, Applications and End-user” to its database.
Paying for a software as per the usage on a subscription basis rather than fully owning can be defined as Software as a service (SaaS). SaaS applications are accessed using a web browser from a remote location and eliminates the hassles of installing, upgrading and maintaining the software for the owner. As a business delivery model for many corporate applications SaaS provides a huge variety of software to industries from various verticals and the software include database management software, messaging software, enterprise resource planning (ERP), gaming applications, service desk management, payroll software, computer designing software, customer relationship management (CRM), content management (CM), development software, virtualization software, collaboration, invoicing, talent acquisition accounting, management information systems (MIS), human resource management (HRM) and antivirus software. SaaS has been integrated by major upcoming and leading software companies with major adoptions witnessed by the SME’s. The advantage offered by SaaS is the cost reductions associated with it and the eliminations of hidden costs.

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The global Software as a Service market is bifurcated based on deployment model as: private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud. Furthermore, the global SaaS market can be further divided by applications into ERP, HRM, CRM, supply chain management (SCM) and others (Web conferencing platforms, messaging applications and collaboration). Additionally, while considering on the basis of end-user SaaS can be further classified into small & medium enterprises (SMEs), and large enterprises. The end-user classification has been done on the basis of revenues.

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Global Software as a Service (SaaS) Market Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2025

  1. 1. Software as a Service (SaaS) Market to 2025 - Global Analysis and Forecasts by Cloud Deployment Model, Applications and End-user No of Pages: 210 Publishing Date: Jun 2016 Single User PDF: US$ 3900 Website :
  2. 2. Software as a Service (SaaS) Market to 2025 Introduction A set of many software that are developed and hosted by a third party member for various industrial implementations today is Software as a Service or more commonly called as SaaS. The SaaS model has replaced the traditional Application Service Provider (ASP) model in which many of the hidden costs of having on-premise software gets eliminated. The user always uses the latest version of the software. The installation, maintenance and up gradation of software is all managed by the third party vendor itself that results in saving huge amounts of capital expenditures for an organization deploying SaaS. The organization here does not own the software and instead uses it on-demand on a pay-per-usage basis from the vendor. The global SaaS market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 28.3% during the forecast period 2016 – 2025 and accounts for US$ 418.92 Bn in the year 2025. The global software as a service segments the market on the basis of deployment model, applications, end-users and regions. The deployment model segment is divided into public model, private model and the hybrid model. The applications segment is further subdivided into broad categories namely CRM, HRM, ERP, SCM and Others. SME’s, Large Enterprises and Government constitute the end-users for the global SaaS market. Among the applications, CRM and HRM are estimated to have the largest market shares for the SaaS market. The HRM market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 28.3% and have the largest market share at the end of the forecast period. Browse Complete Report @ market Contact Us : +1-646-491-9876| E-Mail :
  3. 3. Software as a Service (SaaS) Market to 2025 The geographic segments that constitute this report are North America, Europe, APAC, Middle East Africa and South America. Analysis concludes that North America leads adoption of SaaS model. APAC region observes highest growth due to the adoption by SME’s particularly in countries like India and China. Developing countries on the rising curve and increased standard of living of people are the key reasons found for the adoption of higher rates in the APAC region. The SaaS model has proved a boon particularly for the SME’s all over the world as they can save a lot on initial capital costs and instead focus on their core product to reach the break-even point early. Lower Total Cost of Ownership, easy scalability, less time to market of the product are the factors that are driving the adoptions of the SaaS market globally. Also, the advent of Big Data & IoT, SaaS has found many applications in the two upcoming technologies and consequently has an impact on the growth of the SaaS market. Request for Sample @ Contact Us : +1-646-491-9876| E-Mail :
  4. 4. Software as a Service (SaaS) Market to 2025 The report profiles key players such as ADP LLC,, Google, Inc., IBM Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Oracle Corporation, Inc., SAP SE, Symantec Corporation, Fujitsu Limited and Workday, Inc. The report provides deep insights on the growth rates, market shares, market drivers and restraints and the opportunities for market players in the future. Few key market players have also been profiled in the report. The profiling of the market players provides their financial information about revenues as well as segment revenues, a competitive SWOT analysis for each player and the recent developments by the player in the SaaS domain. The key developments are related to the mergers and acquisitions by the players in the recent past. Inquire for Buying @ Contact Us : +1-646-491-9876| E-Mail :
  5. 5. Software as a Service (SaaS) Market to 2025 Table of Content – An Overview  Software as a Service (SaaS) Market Landscape  SaaS Market – Key Industry Dynamics  SaaS Market – Five Forces Analysis  Software as a Service (SaaS) Market Analysis  Software as a Service (SaaS) Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 –Deployment Model  SaaS Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 – Applications  SaaS Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 – End-user Verticals  Software as a Service (SaaS) Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 – Geographical Analysis  SaaS Market, Key Company Profiles Ask for Discount on the Report @ Contact Us : +1-646-491-9876| E-Mail :
  6. 6. About Us The Insight Partners is a one stop industry research provider of actionable intelligence. We help our clients in getting solutions to their research requirements through our syndicated and consulting research services. We are a specialist in Technology, Media, and Telecommunication industries. We are committed to providing highest quality research and consulting services to our customers. We help our clients understand key market trends, identify opportunities, and make informed decisions by providing market research solutions at an affordable cost. Our syndicated research content is focused towards providing global and regional market forecasts and analysis. All our syndicated reports provide analysis of key trends, market size and shares, and competitive landscape analysis. We provide detailed segmentation of market by geography, technology, product or service which helps our clients get a deeper market analysis. We understand syndicated reports may not meet precise research requirements of all our clients. We offer our clients multiple ways to customize research as per their specific needs and budget Contact Us : +1-646-491-9876| E-Mail :