TIE Magazine #4: The Power of Combination


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Conversion generating internet concepts

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TIE Magazine #4: The Power of Combination

  1. 1. Author Suzanne Glorie ~ Photography The Online Company E-COMMERCE Conversion generating internet concepts The Power of Combination The online shop market has expanded enormously. and flexibility. TIE’s technology in combination with our concepts leads to In the first half of 2011, the online orders in the an optimal user experience, resulting in Netherlands have increased by 13%. No less than increased sales for our customers, and that is what this is all about.” 40% of Christmas shopping was done online. This cooperation has already lead us to good results, especially in the telecom market, among others atI n the USA, the so called Cyber Monday 2011 (the (e.g. SEA display marketing, affiliate T-Mobile. The application of innova- Monday after Thanksgiving) broke all records, marketing), interim and project tive web concepts resolved in a growing with 15% compared to the year before. management to execution/implemen- increasing conversion, faster time-to- tation and even complete outsourcing.” market and growing online sales.The necessity of a good internet The nature of the projects are quite De Vries: “That’s why we do it,concept The online market is huge. The client is different, depending on how “mature” to have satisfied clients! We can seeking. To have a good internet concept is absolutely companies are when we are talking that our approach works and therefornecessary if you want to acquire market share. Erik about E-Commerce. The Online plan to intensify and expand thevan Laar and Maarten de Vries, from The Online Company distinguishes three kinds partnership in the coming year.”Company, know this better than anybody else. They of clients, companies that:have been active in the Need support with setting up anonline market since2000 and helped set up “Technology E-Commerce strategy and the implementation.Genie.nl, the BritishTelecom internet portal, as the Are unhappy with their current online performance, for examplewhich later became 02and finally Telfort. basis of by not getting a good ROI or having to deal with a lot of complaints,They saw how theamount of online sales E-Commerce malfunctions and such. Want to optimize, innovate and/orkept growing.Van Laar: “In those four concepts.” (partially) outsource their own E-Commerce model.years we have learneda lot, we have seen Technology as the basis of e-commerceGoogle grow as well concepts Online company has a suitable solution foras the emergence of all these clients. Since 2006 we have been workingaffiliate marketing. together with TIE Kinetix to deliver the technologyIn 2005 we decided to behind the E-Commerce concepts. Van Laar, “It beginsstart our own company, with a strategy, a line of thought, a good concept. Then itThe Online Company, needs to have a stable technical foundation. TIEwhere we could use our MamboFive E-Commerce Suite is all that: stable,knowledge to help other scalable and innovative.”businesses.” The Online Company Together for success The combination ofhelps businesses to The Online Company with TIE is very successful. Bothoptimize their E-Com- companies complement each other well. Where Themerce results. De Vries: Online Company is very strong at implementation and“We offer a complete translation of the business needs into a well foundedpackage ranging from concept, TIE is great at providing the technology behind it.services, strategy, Van Laar: “TIE understands exactly what we meancampaign management and knows how to keep a good balance between quality TIE ~ 2012 ~ P7