TIE Magazine #2: Haute Content


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Selling clothes on the Internet requires its own solution

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TIE Magazine #2: Haute Content

  1. 1. Text Cees Steijger Leatherfactory facts .nl Founded Started in 2009 by Leder International Market share the only professional B2C online solution for specialist leatherwear shops in the Netherlands Forecast Further growth and market share in Europe through white labelling.
  2. 2. eCOMMERCE Selling clothes on the Internet requires its own solution Haute Content There’s something special about web shops that offer clothing for sale. After all, when it comes to ready-to-wear clothing, aspects such as size and the customer’s experience of the goods are all-important.L eatherfactory is a customer of the webshop solution for the ready-to-wear trade. Leder International offers its customers wholesaler Leder International, which Leatherfactory.nl is a unique webshop that is fully – the specialist clothing shops – with three is based in Venlo. This town in Lim- devoted to the online sale of top-quality leather options. The first option is Stock Access,burg is a logistical hub close to Germany jackets for women, men and children. What makes the B2B option that provides access to theand with excellent connections to the Euro- web shops that sell clothing so special is that the collection. This enables retailers to orderpean hinterland. Leder International’s dis- correct size is all-important in ready-to-wear products for the physical shop. The secondtribution centre is located nearby in Reuver, clothes. So a lot of information has to be provided option is the Whitelabel B2C option forfrom where this specialist in leather cloth- in order to avert returns as much as possible. retailers that have their own web shop –ing distributes its products to the European the option used by LeatherFactory.nl. Thiscountries and to the Middle East and Africa Simplicity “A primary option provides all the functionality for(EMEA). Leder International is a majorinternational player and Leatherfactory is requirement is that the web shop is easy to use, so that “With our extra sales without purchases. Thirdly, there is the Stock Online B2B optionnow the market leader in online leatherclothing. The company has its own design- you can proceed to the buy button in three steps, for web shop, for retailers without a webshop that still want to benefit from the advantages of theers and outsources production to countriessuch as China, Pakistan and India. When instance, but it must also be easy to pay and there must we must Internet. Examples of this include online ordering in the physical shop. Severalwe visited the company’s headquarterswe could not fail to notice the enormous be bullet-proof procedures for returning goods,” says be able to specialist leather shops have now chosen one or more options.number of leather swatches, neatly groupedaccording to colour and type. “We’ve just Rob Westerhof of Leather- factory.nl. “For us there’s provide the Flexibility “And, of course, everylaunched our 2010/2011 winter collec-tion,” explained Andre Kuijpers, manager an extra challenge and that is the product experience. consumer combination of options is possible,” adds Andre. “Because the bottom line is toof Leder International. “For us this meansthe end of a busy period during which we How do you add that? With our webshop, we must be with the make it easy for our retailers and their cus- tomers. We want to provide them with adeveloped and manufactured the new col-lections and showed them to our customers able to provide the consum- er with tools for experienc- tools for very professional extra service without any fuss so that the maximum result in termsat various international trade fairs. We usedthe opportunity of the trade fairs – such as ing the product – the leather jacket of your choice – and experienc- of sales and customer satisfaction can be achieved.” And Andre is already looking tothe recent one in Düsseldorf - to discussour online vision and approach with our so this means excellent photographic material with ing the the future. “After the Netherlands, we are going to roll this approach out in Germanydistributors and retail partners. The talks revealed that existing cus- a zoom-in capability that goes down to stitch-level product” and Austria and after that we’re going further. The advantage of the TIE Kinetixtomers have a great need of supporting and a real catwalk where the e-commerce approach is its flexibility andonline services from Leder International. consumer can see a model their international experience so we don’tThe next logical step was to create a web wearing the jacket. The re- need to concern ourselves about using it locally or regionally.platform for retailers that could be used for tailers that we do business We can continue to focus on our core business: offering fash-such things as White Labelling. Because of with are particularly im- ionable leather clothes in the EMEA.” Fine. So what trendsthe enormous growth in use of the Inter- pressed with this so-called can we expect to see next winter? “I predict that tight lambs-net, existing customers also needed Leder haute content, and all the leather women’s trousers will be a hit,” says Rob Westerhof.International to add an online sales channel more so because they can “Although, surprisingly, warm cow-leather jackets will doas an extra service for its customers. implement this webshop in very well in the Middle East. We’ve just received a large order Leatherfactory opted for the advanced their own house style as a from Jordan.” Clearly Leder International also has a largeTIE Kinetix’ MamboFive Commerce Suite white label.” amount of flexibility in its collection. TIE ~ 1/2010 ~ P23