TIE Magazine #1: Old wine New business


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What makes BuyYourWine so unique? We give the customer personal attention. We can do that because the back office of BuyYourWine is perfectly organized. ICT meets wine

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TIE Magazine #1: Old wine New business

  1. 1. XXxxBuyYourWine factsEstablished - Cyber-entrepreneurHans Voorn launched BuyYourWine inFebruary 2006.Market share - With a range of 2000different wines BuyYourWine is among thelargest wine websites in the Netherlands.Forecast - The range will ultimately cover5000 different wines making BuyYourWinethe largest wine website of Europe.
  2. 2. Text Cees Steijger ~ Photography Gerritjan Huinink eCOMMERCE What makes BuyYourWine so unique? Old wine new business We give the customer personal attention. We can do that because the back office of BuyYourWine is perfectly organised. ICT meets wine.W e are talking to Majo Diepman and Monique the grape variety, the local up-to-date, BuyYourWine works closely Greven who have been the proud owners of the soil, the vinification, etc.” with just about all of the major import- successful wine webshop BuyYourWine.nl since says Monique Greven. ers. “Out-of-date information is the kisslast September. The two entrepreneurs recently took over the BuyYourWine, which of death for the business,” says Monique.company from cyber-entrepreneur Hans Voorn. is based from TIE Mambo- “Speed and being able to take quick Standing out on Majo’s CV is a solid record of service Five Commerce Suite, has advantage of trends make the differenceat IBM where she held various managerial posts. Monique been very well received by between winning and losing. From nowcarried out computerisation projects for leading companies, the market and the range of on we’ll be using XML to access informa-including ABN AMRO, the Ministry of wines is growing steadily, tion from importers where possible. AndJustice, the Ministry of the Interior and as well as the number of the great thing about TIE Mambo Five’sVodafone before working in the propertybusiness. So both online entrepreneurs “Speed customers. With such a wide range of different Commerce Suite is that it’s child’s play to add to and change the range, the prices orknew the pressures involved in positioningand building a successful company. And makes the wines, logistics poses a major challenge, of course. special offers.”they had no lack of ambition. Althoughthree years ago entrepreneur, online mar- difference “That’s our greatest con- cern,” says Monique. “The CALIFORNIAN WINE It’s clear that both of these passionate entrepreneurs areketing expert and wine connoisseur HansVoom proudly announced that the range between shop has to run problem- free so that we can devote having a lot of fun with BuyYourWine. The business has been set up thoroughly,would consist of 1,000 wines, Majo andMonique are raising the bar a bit higher. winning all our attention to logistics, marketing, sales and trace- both from a technical and an oenological point of view. So the only question thatLEADING “We are going much further,” and losing” ability.” “And if the back office works perfectly, as remains is what wine they recommend. “Bernardus!” shout Majo and Moniquesays Majo in her trendy office in the woods in our case, we have the practically in chorus. It’s a fine choice.of Soest, just south of Amsterdam, where time to devote personal This great Chardonnay comes from theshe is expanding BuyYourWine with her attention to the customer,” adds Majo. “That’s sunny hills behind Carmel Valley Villagepartner Monique. “We now have 2,000 what makes us unique.” That and, of course, in California where the Bernardus Winerywines in our range but we’re aiming at a the exceptional wines that can be ordered of famous Dutchman Ben Pon has beenrange of 5,000 different wines in order from BuyYourWine because although wines located since 1989. Here the successfulto strengthen our leading position in the are available from all of the popular wine- Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen importer,Netherlands and finally to become the growing areas, the customer can also purchase racing driver and inventor of the legend-biggest online wine shop in Europe,” says lesser known wines and wines from less well- ary flower-power VW minibus has beenMajo determinedly. “With us you must be known areas through BuyYourWine. producing wines that rival the best ofable to shop easily and also get detailed in- Bordeaux. “And they can be deliveredformation about the wines, like the colour, UP TO DATE In order to ensure that the within a week,” says Marjo proudly.bouquet and taste, the region, the chateau, product offering is not just broad but always I’m looking forward to it already. TIE ~ 1/2009 ~ P15