TIE Magazine #1: Hi Society


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TIE Kinetix helped Dutch online webshop Hi.nl to shorten the lines of communication and the decision-making process

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TIE Magazine #1: Hi Society

  1. 1. Text Cees Steijger ~ Photography Marcel R. Bakker eCOMMERCE Society quickly. And the MamboFive Commerce experience. Up-to-date content is a mustDutch online webshop Hi.nl Suite product is without equal. It’s exactly in this respect, as too is interaction withfocuses on young adults what we need.” the customer. “Our Hi Bewaarbox (Storage Peter explains that experience has Box) is a result of our dialogue with thewith its mobile telephones shown that you have to take a critical look target group. It’s a unique storage service forand high-level service. at functionality when building a webshop. text messages. This dialogue also resulted Naturally, everything should work well but in Hi WaarZitWie (WhereAreWho) that everything surrounding this functional- enables you to locate friends in real timeM ore than a decade ago, KPN ity is even more important. How quickly on your mobile phone.” And recently launched a brand aimed at young can you change something? How flexible Hi launched its ‘Pokkie Foetsie’ – the Hi people, called Hi. From its incep- do you remain once the website has been Telephone Book. With this, you don’ttion, the new company has focused on implemented? “Experience shows that you immediately lose all of theyoung adults (18-24), and everyone whofeels young at heart, with a series of excep- can’t predict what your website will look like after 18 months. Developments are “The numbers of all of your social contacts if you happen totional campaigns. With its new Hi Societyconcept, KPN’s youth brand is searching for too fast for this. And if you want to stay ahead of the competition, you’ll have to people lose your phone.interaction with its customers. Hi wantsto acquire the loyalty of its target group by continue to react to these developments. The people behind MamboFive Suite have behind REACT QUICKLY And so Hi is continuing to developmeans of a constant dialogue, interactivegadgets and an old-fashioned club feeling. the speed and drive to innovate – qualities that are more important in our business Mambo- as a strong, energetic brand for young people whereThe website www.hi.nl has become theonline platform for this. The website runs than the structure of a large IT company.” “We are a premium brand in a very com- Five suite they feel at home and to which they feel loyalty. It’son the MamboFive Commerce Suite, theTIE Kinetix eCommerce Platform. petitive market. We aren’t a prize-fighter and yet we manage to achieve rising sales. have the both handy and innovative. “We’re not bringing aboutTEAM In KPN’s huge office building in We can do that only by improving our web- site permanently, furthering its accessibility speed and a revolution but evolv- ing, in dialogue with ourThe Hague, we spoke to Peter van derSchaar, Hi.nl’s channel manager. Peter is and focusing on service and interaction. Our association with other websites is also drive to customers. Thanks to the MamboFive Commercepart of a small team of only four people – re-markably few for one of the biggest mobile constantly increasing.” MSN and Hyves are good examples of websites that Hi.nl works innovate.” Suite, we can continue to react quickly to changes,brands in the Netherlands with a webshop with in order to promote interaction. Hi tailor campaigns effectivelythat attracts a million unique visitors a accesses content and products from third parties, aggre- to new trends and staymonth. “There are big advantages to the fact gates it and re-transfers the complete proposition to other constantly on the move.that the organisation is small,” says Peter. websites. This allows Hi to ensure that the best experience After all, we have to make“It makes lines of communication and the is provided without overheads becoming too high. With it easy for the customer,decision-making process pleasantly short.” Hi Society, Hi is also adding emotion to the brand, thereby without complicated is-Is that also the reason why Hi opted for promoting customer loyalty. It’s all about retention, sues. We have to keep itTIE Kinetix? “Absolutely! We can connect explains Van der Schaar. About retaining customers. You simple,” concludes Peterwith the people behind MamboFive very do that by providing the customer with a constantly richer van der Schaar.P10 ~ 1/2009 ~ TIE
  2. 2. Hi SocietyCharacteristics - “Hi” is a mobile Characteristics - "Hi" is a mo-telephone network in the Netherlands bile telephone network in the Netherlandsspecifically aimed at young adults, offer-ing mobile speech, data, and messaging,which is very much geared to its target specifically aimed at younggroup by the way it communicates. adults, offering mobile speech,Target group - Young people in the age data, and messaging, which is veryof 18-24, and anyone who “is older butfeels younger”.Forecast - Offering services and ap- much geared to its target groupplications that strengthen social contacts by the way itbetween young people. TIE ~ 1/2009 ~ P11