TIE Magazine #1: Comprehensive Reporting Tool for Marketers


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Real-Time Analytics for online sales channels: Marketers need to be able to immediately measure and assess these online campaigns in order adjust their e-commerce strategies to support sales, drive revenue, and equip the channel with the right content to succeed

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TIE Magazine #1: Comprehensive Reporting Tool for Marketers

  1. 1. Text Cees Steijger ~ Illustration iStockPhoto Real-Time Analytics for online sales channels Comprehensive Reporting Tool for Marketers Marketers need to be able to immediately measure and assess these online campaigns in order to adjust their e-commerce strategies to support sales, drive revenue and equip the channel with the right content to succeed.P12 ~ 1/2009 ~ TIE
  2. 2. CONTENT SYNDICATION “This gives a muchA s a leader in content syndication, Greater control These robust Critical elements with more than two decades of analytic tools are a fundamental part of These online analytic tools experience in electronic com- the TIE Kinetix CSP solution. With TIE deeper are crucial to marketersmerce, TIE Kinetix recognizes that the Kinetix CSP technology, manufactures can because timely, complete,measurement and analysis of any e- maintain up to the minute pricing, product under- accurate and objective profes-commerce campaign is a major concern for features, and reviews across all their online sional content are criticalbrand managers and marketers. With the partners—ultimately providing brand standing elements to online buyers asTIE Kinetix Content Syndication Platform managers and marketers with the ability well as retailers and resell-(CSP) solution, marketing executives can to have greater control and consistency of of how ers. With one out of everynow analyze and manage the effectiveness their content and branding across multiple three shopping carts result-of their online e-commerce programs with websites and channel partners. the ing in abandonment, thereinstant market research data. “TIE Kinetix analytic tools give mar- is enormous opportunity toREALTIME The TIE Kinetix CSP analytics keting professionals in-depth knowledge of their campaigns. Not only can they channel improve the availability and quality of online information.solution tracks online channel activities,reports performance in real-time and al- observe the activities of their resellers and qualify them, they now can also is perform- Right content Onlinelows marketing managers to tweak resellerprograms and collateral on the fly. These observe the audience on those reseller websites,” says Jan Sundelin, CEO of TIE. ing” marketers need to be able to immediately measure and as-tools also allow marketers to observe “This gives a much deeper understand- sess these online campaigns inonline trends taking place across the chan- ing of how the channel is performing. order to adjust their e-com-nel and manage them effectively. A few These analytic tools would be as if a manufacturer had access to merce strategies to supportof the metrics that can be tracked include ‘Google Analytics’ for each and every one of their partners or sales, drive revenue and equipgeography, language, time on the site, click resellers. And, the best part is that the manufacturer is the one the channel with the rightpath and file downloads within a number generating the content on all of the partner sites and can update content to succeed.of unique marketing campaigns. the messaging at will.” CNET customers get the high quality content they expect from CNET our partners the best tools possible, not only ensures their activities in the United Kingdom, uses the TIE Kinetix Content TIE Kinetix has a strategic alli- Content Solutions, and with success, it ensures our success,” Syndiction Platform to commu- ance with CNET Content Solu- the TIE Kinetix CSP we provide says Adrian Honey, Director of nicate with its partners via an tions, to resell the TIE Content them with real-time control Global Channel Marketing at Online Channel Communication Syndication Platform worldwide. over rich product information Siemens Enterprise Communica- Platform. It enables Microsoft to CNET Content Solutions, one of across their supply chain, as tions. “Working with TIE, we support all of its Direct Market- the world’s leading independent well as real-time analytics and are able to provide our partners ing Resellers (DMR) and other sources of product informa- reporting.” with real-time access to accurate partners with high-quality digital tion, is now able to offer and information about our products content in real time. Microsoft promote the TIE Kinetix CSP to and services. With ready-brand- can steer and manage the the many consumer electronic vendors it powers. Timely, com- Siemens ed, targeted campaigns that are available at the click of a mouse, content, such as banners, video clips and tools, in a controlled plete, accurate and objective Siemens Enterprise Communica- partners can provide information environment from a single cen- content are critical elements to tions selected the TIE Kinetix regarding Siemens solutions, tral environment. “TIE Kinetix online buyers, retailers and re- Content Syndication Platform quickly, easily and without the CSP helps us to deliver our sellers. The partnership between as a key part of their worldwide need for specialist marketing.” latest technology and market- CNET Content Solutions and indirect partner program. The ing information directly and TIE will ensure that customers TIE Kinetix CSP enables Siemens more efficiently to our partners, are getting the information that they need and demand to make to manage and distribute their marketing and sales informa- Microsoft who in turn can deliver a richer experience to end customers”, online buying decisions. Says tion real-time to their worldwide Microsoft UK Limited, part of says Clare Barclay, Director of Sean Murphy, Vice-President of indirect sales channel. “At Sie- the Microsoft Corporation and Partner Strategy & Programmes, CNET Content Solutions. “Our mens, we understand that giving responsible for all Microsoft Microsoft UK. TIE ~ 1/2009 ~ P13