Text Jim Larkin ~ Photography Zippo   BUSINESS INTEGRATION                         IgnitionFounded in 1932, Zippo celebrat...
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TIE Magazine #3: Ignition


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Zippo: Since introducing TIE’s EDI Managed Service On-Demand, Zippo has reallocated staff and resources away from laborintensive adjustment of their EDI system, and added more value to the business by
focusing on other key duties. TIE Kinetix handles all EDI processes and integration needs remotely, from Zippo’s Bradford, PA location.

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TIE Magazine #3: Ignition

  1. 1. Text Jim Larkin ~ Photography Zippo BUSINESS INTEGRATION IgnitionFounded in 1932, Zippo celebrates more than 75 years as the the financial side with invoicing. We’ve seen the residual benefits that come outleading marketer of the refillable windproof lighter with an of our good working relationship andunparalleled lifetime guarantee. the skills that TIE provides.” TIE’s solution scalability provides Zippo and all customers with theB ased in Bradford, Pennsylva- Since introducing TIE’s EDI Managed identical software tools if the business nia, the company also markets Service On-Demand, Zippo has reallo- need outgrows that of an outsourced butane candle lighters; watches; cated staff and resources away from labor- solution. TIE uses its commerciallyfragrance and lifestyle accessories for intensive adjustment of their EDI system, available and fully supported Busi-men; and a robust line of heat and flame and added more value to the business by ness Integration Platform to connectproducts for outdoor enthusiasts in focusing on other key duties. TIE Kinetix customers to their business partnersmore than 160 countries worldwide. handles all EDI processes and integration as a service. As trading partner or ap- needs remotely, from Zippo’s Bradford, plication maps, profiles, and workflowsChallenge Zippo was looking for PA location. are created for your business-specifican affordable EDI solution, allowing Coming highly recommended from environment, they arethem to do business electronically, their new ERP supplier Epicor, Zippo always avail-which would bring more rapid and ef- found the price point, implementation and ableficient communication for their various resulting ease of transactions an immedi- to thecustomers, such as Wal-Mart. This ate benefit. “Looking at customerdirect link to their major supply chaintransactions necessitated a new under- the numbers, it was a no brainer to go with TIE.” “Looking to utilize internally. Additionally, the top-levelstanding of technology, services and Safran says from his customer support Zippo receivesin-house infrastructure for a successful Bradford, PA office, “TIE at the comes from TIE’s extensiverollout of this business-to-business in- made it easy for us to experience in providing EDItegration to be supported. Zippo found implement EDI for some numbers, since 1987. This is backedtheir internal resources were spending of the smaller players, and by a customer satisfac-an increasing amount of time on theirEDI transactions, growing from 5% to more orders are coming through as a result. We it was a no tion rate of 97.8% with all integration, support and25%, as the orders and trading partnerconnections increased. haven’t seen that with any other EDI company brainer to development teams based in St. Paul Minnesota, USA. Said Russel Safran Sr. SystemsAnalyst, “We won big accounts, big that we’ve dealt with in the past.” go with TIE’s support team has a ‘zero-voicemail’ policy.multi-chain retailers, all running EDIwith rollouts to thousands of stores. Results Zippo’s TIE” Any support requests are addressed immediately.We’re on the supply side so we’re at successful implementa- This fact is confirmedthe beck and call of the retailers, who tion of the TIE Kinetix by Safran, “You have an edge over yourall have their own labor-intensive pro- EDI Managed Service competition, and it’s in having that out-cesses and methodologies. It became on Demand has had standing support team. With other ser-too much to focus 25% of my time on a trickle-down effect vice providers you don’t receive the sameEDI.” influencing much more level of support that TIE brings. When than Zippo’s IT depart- I send an email or call, it’s responded toSolution Previously using Sterling ment. “Because we work quickly, and well before anything stickyCommerce, Zippo was in the process of so well together, we’ve comes up. It doesn’t disappear into aoverhauling their backend ERP system leveraged EDI to free up hole like some other support calls. That’sand had the opportunity to update the time and resources for a real value to Zippo.”their system to another EDI vendor. customer service, and onP8 ~ 2011 ~ TIE