TIE Magazine #3: Siemens Champions the ‘Little Guy’ Online


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Company A has the audience and company B has the product. By working together more product is sold, and on a larger scope than would be possible by working alone.

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TIE Magazine #3: Siemens Champions the ‘Little Guy’ Online

  1. 1. Text Jim Larkin ~ Photography ANP CONTENT SYNDICATIONSiemens Championsthe ‘Little Guy’ Online active partners globally, Adrian had a “For me, the TIE Kinetix solution is aCompany A has the audience and need to get Siemens’s core messaging marketing department substitute for thecompany B has the product. By out in a reliable, trustworthy and smaller partners within our Global consistent manner to partners who are program. It’s a fantastic toolset for ourworking together more product is often understaffed, and also sell the partners with limited resources,”sold, and on a larger scope than competing products. Said Adrian respon-ded Honey when asked about Honey, “What we would typically see the strength of the platform. Since thewould be possible by working alone. is inconsistent use of our brand and release of the program 24 months ago, well meaning webmasters using bits of the Siemens Digital Channel partner Siemens graphics and mocking them program is now enrolled in 33 countriesT his is especially true when large up to their sites without pulling the and 11 languages. “I think we’ve done a companies have partnered with value content over. Partners would take lot of good work together, and I’d say other large companies. Each parallel some of our technical content and paste it’s been a very cooperative relation-department knows the drill, the requisite it on their site; it would be out of date ship. That closeness that we’ve had andonline/offline collateral, and the urgency very quickly and of little value.” the openness that we’ve had in thatthat comes with getting your message to Getting the right message out relationship have been excellent. Imarket and with the familiar voice that through the sales channel is a common think it allowed us to get to where wewill attract the right buyers. struggle for many companies especially are in terms of the product,” beams However, what happens when a large when the companies rely on working Honey. “Overall we’ve had a fantasticcompany isn’t necessarily partnering closely with partners that have limited working relationship with TIE, fromdirectly with large companies? What bandwidth. “We were not in control of the beginning right through.”happens when these partnerships follow what content our partners were using,the long tail, with multitudes of midsize nor how often, or if it was on message.and smaller ‘mom and Additionally, large numbers of partners “We nee-pop’ sized partners who featured no Siemens content on theiras a whole make up just site, even with us being their predomi-as large of a value of the nant vendor partnership,” confessedpartnership of many of ded a single Honey. “Our program needed a singlethe big guys? source of information to be pushed Will the needed source of easily to all of our partners, in aresources multiply? multitude of ways. TIE Kinetix providedHow many languages areneeded to make this a information that solution, with more than enough flexibility to meet our needs internallysuccess globally? Howcan we get these smaller to be push- as well as the needs of our partners.” Siemens deployed the TIE Kinetixpartnerships to get ourcontent live on their site ed easily Content Syndication Platform rolled out with a partner centric subscriptionon the proper dates,along with any resulting to all our program designed to make it easy for partners to enroll and receive only theupdates? Do these smallpartners even have partners” Siemens content that the partners requested. That, coupled with thewebmasters and means Channel Mailer software, an emailto make these timely marketing tool that allows companies to push fullyupdates quickly? formed dynamically co-branded marketing email These were the issues campaigns ‘through’ their partners to send out tofacing Adrian Honey, their customers and relations, gave Siemens theDirector of Marketing for toolset it needed to organize and unify its message toSiemens Enterprise the channel. “Channel Mailer is the thing that isCommunications. exciting, and that’s the thing that turns this into anWorking with over 2000 active business opportunity,” stated Honey.P16 ~ 2011 ~ TIE