TIE Magazine #3: Newco Food Retail


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Online dishes from Newco Food Retail: Bon Appetit

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TIE Magazine #3: Newco Food Retail

  1. 1. Text Cees Steijger ~ Photography Marcel R. Bakker Online dishes from Newco Food Retail Bon Appetit Culinaire Versmarkt is the online fresh-food shop for amateur cooks and bon-viveurs who want to taste the rich flavour of genuine seasonal products and fresh ingredients. What will it be tomorrow? Stuffed fillet of plaice with oyster mushrooms or Wagyu beef in red wine sauce?“O r would you rather have residential and working area in a similar menu-driven: just tell us what you want truffles, spelt or scallops? way to the Docklands in London. A to eat and for how many people and we’ll With our online specialist number of historic docklands buildings ensure that you get the right products inshop Culinaire Versmarkt, we offer still stand between the new develop- the right quantities in your shoppingcooking enthusiasts these quality ments and mostly accommodate basket. The quantity isingredients in package form so that creative companies, trendy night clubs very important becausethey can cook a complete gastronomicmenu,” says entrepreneur Frank van and restaurants like Fifteen, which is owned by the English TV cook Jamie ‘In order 30 per cent of the fresh food that is bought inOirschot of Newco Food Retail, whodeveloped this fresh-food shop Oliver. It was in this inspiring, former trading environment that the online to realise normally ends up in the rubbish bin. If you put itinitiative together with Mick Walvischof product development agency fresh-food shop took shape in 2010. our idea, that way, it seems simple but it isn’t. What seems we optedULURU/Beagle. Newco Food Retail Restaurant The webshop of simple at face value,chose TIE Kinetix’ MamboFive Culinaire Versmarkt (www.cu- turns out to be compli-Commerce Suite to roll out their online linaireversmarkt.nl) can be best cated.”plans in the Netherlands compared with a normal restaurant. for TIE Here too, the guest chooses from a Complex He sketchesA trading environment Wespoke to Frank van Oirschot in his menu of different dishes. The differ- ence is that you can only buy the Kinetix’ out everything that’s involved and the flowoffice on the Piet Hein Kade in ingredients for the menu from the diagram gets graduallyAmsterdam. We found ourselves in an webshop. You do the cooking yourself. And it’s more complicated. Afterarea where the Oostelijk Havengebied catching on, because the Culinair Versmarkt is fresh, all, these are not(Eastern Docklands) was constructed healthy and delicious. And it takes less than two days ready-made, off-the-shelfin the 19th century in order to provide for the fresh products to reach the consumer. “We products. They workmore space for the increasing trade skip links in the chain and we’re not bound to with day-fresh seasonalwith the East Indies. From here historical patterns,” explains Frank. “In addition to products and changingpassenger ships set sail for the East, this, we work with profiles, which offer more than menus. And to make itparticularly to the Dutch East Indies. In the standard shopping lists. Based on your profile even more complicated,the last decade of the 20th century, the with preferences, your eating plan is filled with they use user preferencesarea was developed into a modern suggestions every week. So the way we help people is and profiles, whichP10 ~ 2011 ~ TIE
  2. 2. E-COMMERCEmeans that almost no menus are webshop operational. nl lends itself very well to a shop-in-identical – the quantities, and the prices, “Now that we’re up and running, shop approach. Culinary specialities arechange from user to user. If you add to we can focus our attention on further one thing but I wouldn’t rule out thatthis their own distribution formula ‘De development, conversion and more shops-in-shops will come, suchVersbezorger’ (literally, the fresh functional expansion. Moreover, the as a cheese shop or a specialised fruitdeliverer) for home deliveries through- MamboFive Commerce Suite must be shop, for example. Based on the TIEout the Netherlands, and the plan to set the platform for all e-commerce Kinetix e-commerce software, and theup 3,000 refrigerated takeaway point initiatives that Newco Food Retail still same logistics and purchasing channels,nationwide, the picture of a pretty has in store.” Frank van Oirschot lifts a we will also develop B2B formulas forcomplex online solution is complete. corner of the veil: ‘‘Culinaireversmarkt. catering, healthcare and horeca.”A tailor-made solution “Inorder to realise our idea, we opted forTIE Kinetix software,” says Frank.“We were most of all interested in theMamboFive Commerce Suite as atailor-made solution because we workwith a complicated ordering system– all the quantities of ingredients differfrom order to order and are geared tothe wishes of the customer. Besides, atCulinaire Versmarkt we will eventuallywork with fifty menus from which thevisitor can choose. This sets highrequirements for the customer focus ofthe webshop. What we like about theMamboFive Commerce Suite is theflexibility of its approach to e-com- Frank van Oirschot,merce,” says Frank, who admits that it Newco Food Retail.was still a pretty tough task to get the TIE ~ 2011 ~ P11