Gestion consommation réseau domestique


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Gestion consommation réseau domestique

  1. 1. Perspectives de gestion de la consommation énergétique dans le réseau domestique François Baron, THOMSON. Francois.baron@thomson .net Brest, 26 mars 2009
  2. 2. Home Network Power consumption Home Network equipments Communication technologies Power consumption Rules, standards, labels Some use cases
  3. 3. Home Network equipments Room TV Gaming console Desktop PC Laptop PC PS3/Xbox/Wii GateWay NAS Main TV Photo Map DVD/ Bluray STB
  4. 4. Communication technologies Communication technologies – WiFi Wireless, 54…300Mbps ( 1Gbps for .11ac) – Ethernet Needs house wiring, 100Mbps…1Gbps – CPL No new wire; up to 50-60Mbps – POF Needs home wiring, up to 1Gbps – Bluetooth Wireless, 1Mbps ( 100Mbps for BT3.0) – ZigBee Wireless; 250kbps; suited for home automation –…
  5. 5. Power Consumption : Rules, Standards, Labels EU Mandatory regulations “EuP” Directive 2005/32/EC on eco-design requirements for Energy-Using Products: (Lot7) EPS: regulated, mandatory expected Mar. 2010 - all EuPs, (η>87%) (Lot6) Standby and Off-mode: regulated, mandatory Jan. 2010 - all EuPs, (Poff<1W…0.5W) (Lot15) Simple STB: regulated, mandatory Mar. 2010 - (Pstby<1W..0.5W, power-down t<3hrs) Next step : – (Lot18) Complex STBs – regulation to be issued in 2010 (effects 2011?) – Broadband equipment (ADSL modems…) considered for future work – Networked Standby, Broadband… other environmental impacts, waste, product end of life EU Volontary agreements : Codes of Conduct Yearly volontary agreements Using a philosophy of Best Current Practice DTV, STB CoC : – V7 now (Watt limits) : base power + options – V8 in preparation for [2010-2012+] : 50-60kWh limits + options, auto stby < 4hrs Broadband Products CoC : – V3 for [2009-2011] (Watt limits,) – Assumes HW switch to lowest possible power consumption mode.
  6. 6. Power Consumption : Rules, Standards, Labels Energy Star Label for US products Using Total Energy Consumption (TEC) method of specification (specified in kWh/year rather than Watts). – Based on usage scenarios with a percentage of time spent in various modes (e.g., 2hrs recording (while watching), 5 hrs watching, 19 hrs idle….). Effective date : Sept 2009. CEA Energy Efficiency Working Group (EEWG) CEA has produced two energy related STB standards – CEA-2013-A (Digital STB Background Power Consumption) – CEA-2022 (Digital STB Active Power Consumption Measurement)
  7. 7. Power Consumption : some figures Gaming console Desktop PC 130-700 W Laptop PC 10-30 W PS3/Xbox 200 W Wii 20W GateWay 15-20W /9W NAS Basic 14W / 10W RAID5 45W / 40W Networking Power Ethernet : 1.5W/node PLC : 5W/node Main TV – 30W – 200W Photo Map / down to 1 W POF : 1.5W/node 5-20 W DVD/ Bluray 25-30W / 3W WiFi : 1.2W/node STB 20 W / ZigBee : 5mW/node 8W down to 2W
  8. 8. Use case : one evening… Gaming console Desktop PC 130-700 W Laptop PC 10-30 W PS3/Xbox 200 W Wii 20W GateWay 15-20W /9W NAS Basic 14W / 10W RAID5 45W / 40W Watching TV Play recorded film on TV Kid 1 go to bedroom and play Main TV – 30W – 200W Dad use PC to download a film for tomorrow / down to 1 W Kid 2 works on laptop with desktop and internet DVD/ Bluray 25-30W / 3W Dad’ go back to see the film STB 20 W / Mom’ go browsing on internet 8W down to 2W Kid 1 stop playing and watch film Go to sleep (still downloading…)
  9. 9. Conclusion Home Network… Heterogeneous Complex Power Consuming Devices not used continuously (can be turned off) Usage … Good knowledge on the network and turn on/off device when needed : complicated Keep (nearly) all devices turned on : power consuming Automatically turn on/off device depending on the need – UPnP low power ? – Low power Overlay network for remote on/off (ZigBee, LAN, PLC…)? –…