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Ready To Drink Beverages - Texture + Stability Solutions


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Formulating ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages that can withstand the demands of ultra high temperature (UHT) processing presents numerous challenges for product development teams, including:
-Protein stabilization
-Cocoa suspension
-Texture modification
The Ticaloid® Pro series of stabilizers was designed to help beverage and nutraceutical formulators meet the demands of consumers seeking products containing more protein.

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Ready To Drink Beverages - Texture + Stability Solutions

  1. 1. Texture + Stability Solutions
  2. 2. Texture + Stability Solutions Protein in the Consumer Market o PROTEIN ENRICHMENT has emerged as one of the most dynamic healthy eating trends o READY-TO-DRINK (RTD) protein beverages are a growing segment of this market
  3. 3. Texture + Stability Solutions Protein Beverage Levels 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 1-5 grams 6-10 grams 11-15 grams 16-20 grams 21-25 grams 26-30 grams 31-35 grams 36-40 grams 41-51 grams No.ofProductReleases Protein Levels 2012 2013 2014
  4. 4. Texture + Stability Solutions RTD Protein Beverage Market o Emerging Trends: – Convenient BREAKFAST beverages/meals – Targeting active consumers living a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE – Provide SATIETY for weight control o Texture + Stability Solutions Needed! – PROTEIN and FORTIFIED ingredient choices are expanding – Consumers want an ENHANCED sensory experience – Product developers are tasked with creating INNOVATIVE solutions
  5. 5. Texture + Stability Solutions Formulation Difficulties We Can Help You Overcome Varying formulations Protein sources and quality Equipment and processing variability Other ingredient interactions Texture profiles
  6. 6. Texture + Stability Solutions Ticaloid® Pro 410 Ticaloid® Pro 432 SHEAR THINNING Decrease in viscosity with increasing shear Recovers fully when shear is removed THIXOTROPY Reduction of structural strength with shear Structure will completely recover when shear is removed .
  7. 7. Texture + Stability Solutions RTD Protein Beverages + TIC Gums – OMVE UHT/HTST processing system with direct steam injection capabilities. – Product line features effective texture + stability solutions, including the Ticaloid® Pro series. – Gum Gurus® are ready to assist you with personalized product development solutions. We are committed to helping manufacturers achieve optimal texture and stability.
  8. 8. Texture + Stability Solutions Thank You! Call the Gum Guru® at: (800) 899-3953 or (410) 273-7300 Chat with the Gum Guru ® at: