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Instant Beverages & Texture


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TIC Gums, Inc. presents a brief introduction of their solutions to targeting texture in Instant Beverages.

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Instant Beverages & Texture

  1. 1. Targeting Texture for Instant Beverages Texture + Stability Solutions
  2. 2. Welcome to TIC Gums  Providing hydrocolloids and gum systems to the food and beverage industries for over 100 years  Our “Gum Gurus” are ready for your hydrocolloid questions  3rd Generation Family Owned  Level 3 SQF Certification  Spray Drying, Blending, Agglomeration, and Specialty Milling Capabilities  *Founder Ash Andon (center) Blossoming International Presence For Texture + Stability Solutions Call Us: 800-899-3953
  3. 3. Texture’s Role in 2014 Trends  Alternatives to Mainstay Products   Example: Amy’s Dairy free and gluten free pizza made with organic rice flour. Focus is being placed on textural improvements in gluten free items Texture + Stability Solutions
  4. 4. Texture’s Role in 2014 Trends Addition of Protein to Food and Beverages  Sports and energy products are broadening in appeal, becoming more mainstream   Texture and flavor are ways to reach these consumers Nutritional powders are adapting to this trend Description: Chocolate Velvet flavored premium protein powder with soy. Description: A protein drink that actually tastes awesome. Texture + Stability Solutions
  5. 5. The Texture Revolution®  The   Texture Lexicon Create clear communication around texture Leverage this information into successful product development Texture + Stability Solutions
  6. 6. Converting Consumer Terms to Actionable Attribute Terms Consumer Terms Grainy Creamy Watery Basic Terms Awareness of Particulates Particle Amount Mouth Coating Viscosity Mouth Coating Mouth Clearing Viscosity Heaviness Visual Separation Basic Terms are developed from distinct physical behavior in the mouth Texture + Stability Solutions
  7. 7. An Instant Protein Beverage Case Study Targeting Texture Texture + Stability Solutions
  8. 8. Download the White Paper Order a “Texture Solution” Sample (below) Ticaloid® Ultrasmooth Powder