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Agglomerated Xanthan: Improving Production Efficiency


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TIC Gums provides a look at the improvements that our Agglomerated Xanthan can provide in production efficiency and consistency.

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Agglomerated Xanthan: Improving Production Efficiency

  1. 1. Texture + Stability Solutions Increase Production Efficiencies & Product Consistency with Agglomerated Xanthan
  2. 2. Texture + Stability Solutions Agglomerated Xanthan Performance in Sauces and Dressings o Quickly builds viscosity for: – Suspension of particulates – Emulsion stability o Enhances textural and sensory attributes o Provides product cling o Process and formulation tolerant (pH, salt, heat, shear) o Readily soluble in cold water
  3. 3. Texture + Stability Solutions • Reduces dusting • Eliminates production steps #1 Pre-Production • Decreased mix times • More consistent products #2 Production • Reduces bath rework • Contributes to a clean environment #3 Post Production *A review of our findings during production support in customer facilities. Positive Impacts of Agglomerated Xanthan on Product Efficiencies*
  4. 4. Texture + Stability Solutions Agglomerated Xanthan from TIC Gums Without Agglomeration With Agglomeration After 5 minutes of mixing After 5 minutes of mixing Premium TIC Gums’ Products: • FASTir® Xanthan EC • Pre-Hydrated® Ticaxan® Rapid-3 Powder
  5. 5. Texture + Stability Solutions Benefits of FASTir® Xanthan EC and Pre-Hydrated® Ticaxan® Rapid-3 Disperses more uniformly than powdered xanthan Reaches targeted viscosity at a faster and more consistent rate than oil slurries Less lumps (fish eyes) The uniformity of xanthan’s hydration means a more consistent product Increased production efficiencies and less rework!
  6. 6. Texture + Stability Solutions For more Information on TIC Gums’ Agglomerated Xanthan products: Call the Gum Gurus at (800) 899-3953 or visit us online at to download the agglomerated xanthan white paper.