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TIAD 2016 - Beyond windowsautomation


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Learn how to be build repeatable Windows environments using hand tailored build factory based on packer Terraform Chocolatey and Boxstarter. Learn how to become predictable and environment agnostic. Build services on Google Cloud Platform, AWS & Azure using the same deployment methodology.

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TIAD 2016 - Beyond windowsautomation

  1. 1. # TIAD@ tiadparis Beyond Windows Automation 4 octobre 2016 #TIAD @tiadparis
  2. 2. # TIAD@ tiadparis Julien Stanojevic @genuineM7 #automation addict #simple solutions to complex problems #cloud refuged #windows opensource #passionate about application delivery
  3. 3. # TIAD@ tiadparis Agenda • Why this session ? • Is it complicated ? • How does it all work ? • Demos #speakfastorgetlost
  4. 4. # TIAD@ tiadparis Because it’s possible
  5. 5. # TIAD@ tiadparis We are not building a space ship !
  6. 6. # TIAD@ tiadparis
  7. 7. # TIAD@ tiadparis Methodology in 7 - 3 Automate OS Build Deploy Context Provision Anywhere Run Everywhere
  8. 8. # TIAD@ tiadparis
  9. 9. # TIAD@ tiadparis
  10. 10. # TIAD@ tiadparis • Binary repository ( AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob, standard windows shares for on premises deployments) • Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows (like apt-get or yum but for Windows) • Boxstarter leverages Chocolatey packages to automate the installation of software create repeatable, Windows environments. • Private nugget feed for chocolatey packages (myget, artifactory, teamcity etc)
  11. 11. # TIAD@ tiadparis • With Terraform, you describe your complete infrastructure as code, even as it spans multiple service providers • Terraform is a tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently. • Terraform supports and can manage physical servers, virtual machines and containers on a wide range of clouds
  12. 12. # TIAD@ tiadparis stack template AWS virtual private cloud region Amazon S3 Availability Zone Availability Zone VPC subnet VPC subnet security groupinstances instances CloudFormation AMI instance contents
  13. 13. # TIAD@ tiadparis Work better. Live better.Work better. Live better. Questions