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From AIX to Zero-ops by Pierre Baillet


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TIAD Camp Serverless 27 Avril 2017

Published in: Technology
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From AIX to Zero-ops by Pierre Baillet

  1. 1. From AIX to Zero-ops A server’s journey Pierre BAILLET - 27th, April 2017
  2. 2. Intro
  3. 3. About… this Talk - What drives companies? - Why keep on top of technology? - The server’s journey across the ages
  4. 4. About… me - Pierre BAILLET, @octplane - DevOps consultant, Technical Manager @ IPPON Technologies - Developer since 1987, root since 1997, conference speaker since 2011 - Wrote my first bot in 1997
  5. 5. Behind this talk - social evolution: - Computer science is now taught in school - New ways of training: better schools, mooc - Developers, administrators, ops, devops: new jobs - technical evolution: - Languages - Frameworks - business evolution:
  6. 6. Companies & Technologies
  7. 7. What drives companies? - Business! - Business! - Business! - Business!
  8. 8. What drives companies? - Business first: the only value we should worry about - Business Continuity: the metric that will keep our business alive - Business TTM: the duration that will ensure our business lasts - Business TCO: the cost that will make our business profitable
  9. 9. Why keep on top of technology? - Spend less money: Leverage for Cost optimization - Earn more money: Kill the competition - Earn more money: create new uses: Disrupts the industry (uberization) - Earn more money: create new markets: New perspectives - Avoid bankruptcy: transform to adapt: Digital transformation
  10. 10. The Server’s Journey
  11. 11. 1642 > The Golden era - Blaise Pascal - Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace - Computers are mechanical machines - They “compute” DEV OPS METAL INFRA owned provided
  12. 12. 1970 >The transistor and lamp(!) ERA - First Computers - Huge machines, room sized: heavy industry: knobs and paper with holes - Internet appears, first as a research project (ARPANET, CYCLADES): wires and electrical impulsions DEV OPS METAL INFRA owned provided
  13. 13. 1980 > banks and universities - Computers sneak in banks (COBOL anyone?) - Actual computer scientists! - Industry workers still use old industrial computers - At the same time, rise of the first personal computers: Alice, Atari ST, Amiga, … - Youngsters experiment Asm, Basics and 16/32 bit coding DEV OPS METAL INFRA owned provided
  14. 14. 1991 > From the desktop to the datacenter New contenders: - GNU/Linux by Linus Torvald - Visual Basic by Microsoft, and later php Era of home grown development: - First web applications (CGI, PHP, ASP) - First desktop rich applications (TCL/TK, VBA, VB, C++) First datacenters, servers and racks.DEV OPS METAL INFRA owned provided
  15. 15. 2006 > I.A.A.S. - Infrastructure As A service, also known as the Cloud - First public instance of a Cloud (AWS) - Underlying structure for code applications : INFRA + METAL - Servers, disks, virtual networks, … - Pay in Advance, Pay on demand DEV OPS METAL INFRA owned provided
  16. 16. 2008 > P.A.A.S. - Platform As A Service - Lead by Google and its AppEngine - Little by little, persistent services move behind the API interface : relational databases, nosql, ... - Rise of smarter services : notifications, messaging, queues, … - More and more vendor lock-in - Leverage the Cloud technology to let developers focus on their core job: application code.DEV OPS METAL INFRA owned provided
  17. 17. 2014 > F.A.A.S. - Function As A Service: The Serverless! - A simple interface - Scaling is infinite (!) - Greener approach (?) - Need an API Gateway - We only pay for the CPU slices we actually useDEV OPS METAL INFRA owned provided
  18. 18. 2020 > X.A.A.S.? - Everything As A Service - Less coding competencies, more business/product skills - The pizza team now includes business specialists - IA is on the rise: replace some of the simplest development - Vendor Lock-in at its maximum - Open the path for new standards DEV OPS METAL INFRA owned provided BIZ
  19. 19. Outro
  20. 20. Serverless - Where do we go from here? - Cost reduction is the lead adoption factor - Focus on the core business value - There are still ops, but behind an API interface - Vendor lock-in stronger than ever - Community (dev’ framework) and norm (packaging) are slowly emerging
  21. 21. Any question? Thanks! Up next! Operational Challenges with serverless Architecture - Laurent Bernaille