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Learn Finnish! Opi suomea!

Katri Särkkä, 21.12.2015 Seminars 2015-2016 for asylum seeker and refugee health care professionals

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Learn Finnish! Opi suomea!

  1. 1. S Learn Finnish! Opi suomea! Katri Särkkä, volunteer for the Finnish Red Cross language club Contact: or
  2. 2. How & why to learn? S Web/mobile applications S Libraries ( S Some language courses S How to measure? YKI – language skill levels
  3. 3. Funzi S Mobile application for learning Finnish S Available in english & arabic S Choose language, (log in), choose course (About Finland), go! S Learning the language & the culture via learning cards
  4. 4. Quizlet S Web & mobile application for learning Finnish (words) S Word lists with pictures S For some set of word lists, see S (Search opi suomea / suomi / etc) S + Several methdods: flash cards, speller, scatter… S + Listen for the words!
  5. 5. WordDive S Different courses for learning Finnish S free course for immigrants: S Log in! S + Translation in 16 languages S Modify your language when purchasing the course S + Listen & repeat S Start with main excercise (later easy game)
  6. 6. Digital Dialects S Similar as quizlet – words with pictures S + Learn, listen & play
  7. 7. A Taste of Finnish S Web page for learning Finnish by Uni Helsinki S General information about Finnish S + Includes grammar S + Listen & repeat
  8. 8. Tavataan taas! – online book S Online book for learning Finnish; transaltions in english S Read & listen S Includes some excercises S + lots of material S + don’t need to sign in
  9. 9. Library S You can get a library card with any ID with photo S You need to have an address in Finland S With library card you can borrow books etc. to home for 2-4 weeks at a time (for free) S Payment for delay S To borrow: Suomen mestari 1-3, Oma suomi 1, etc.. S Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa & Kauniainen libraries are the same S Weekly language clubs, see timetables at
  10. 10. Language courses S Familia club ( S Membership fee 20 euros / year, language courses free for members S For courses in spring 2016, register in 14th of January S See: S Uni Helsinki created learning method & materials, learning sessions will hopefully continue in spring, see S For all courses with (or without) payment, see
  11. 11. Why to learn? YKI - language skill levels S For level descriptions, see (Uni Helsinki web page) S For test timetable & more info see S YKI level 1 = CEF A2 S can speak, understand and write very simple sentences S YKI 2 = CEF A1 S Can have simple conversations, can understand & write little of personal things (job, family etc)
  12. 12. Why to learn? YKI - language skill levels S YKI 3 = CEF B1 S to manage in everyday situations and understand main points in conversations, can write simple texts S YKI 4 = CEF B2 S to handle most situations related to job /social life, understanding tv news etc. & can write detailed texts S YKI 5 = CEF C1 S clear & fluent speaking, can follow lectures etc, can understand articles with unfamiliar words and write well- structured text S YKI 6 = CEF C2 S Very fluent speaking, writing & reading. Can understand different shades of texts, can understand fast native speaking
  13. 13. More? S Join the Facebook group Refugee Hospitality Group – Hacker Squad to stay tuned S Find out if there is language club at your reception center S Feel free to contact: or S Thanks and good luck with learning! – Kiitos ja onnea opiskeluun!